Meghnadh Going To Kill Ram & Laxman! Siya Ke Ram 8th August 2016 Written Updates

Meghnadh Going To Kill Ram & Laxman! Siya Ke Ram 8th August 2016 Written Updates :- The Episode starts with Tarini told Raavan that his motive for which he is sending Tarini in war will be fulfilled and asks him to prepare for fulfilling his promise. Raavan replies sure.


Tarini thanked them and leaves. Mandodari cries and told them one more crime got added to all your crimes. Raavan relies right and wrong on do not matter to me as for it’s important to find out is Ram Narayan or not.

Laxman asked Ram that he is sure that they will face Meghnadh in war today.Many as soldier armies walk towards vanar send and Ram. Asur army chant Jai Lankesh and vanar sena chant Jai Shri Ram.

Tarini does somersaults and comes in front of Ram and others. Vibhishan gets shocked as he notices that Tarini has Narayan’s name written all over his body… Ram asks Tarini…….
Vibhishan replies yes, he is Raavan’s son Tarini, I told you about him and I m surprised how did Raavan send him in war, as Raavan has confined him as he was doing Narayan Bhakti? why did Raavan get Tarini free and send him to war, what would be the reason? Tarini asked where is Vanvasi Ram?

Sita tells that it will be the bad example for society if this happens as Raavan has initiated a bad tradition by using Tarini for his motives, this will lead others to do wrong. Tarini asked Ram where is he hiding?

Hanuman comes there and tells Tarini that if you take Ram’s name, you will become Narayan Bhakt. Tarini replies I m always Narayan Bhakta, Narayan’s name is on my body and heart, my tongue always takes Narayan’s name.

Hanuman offered him to first fight with him. Tarini replied that I just want to fight with Ram because my father has commanded me to kill Ram.

Hanuman asked why do you say about Raavan sending you to kill Ram, he has sent all warriors and all of them got killed, now he has sent you to die?

Hanuman thinks I got Narayan’s true devotee in this war, but sorry, you are Ram’s enemy here. Then their fight started and Bhakt Narayan…..plays………….. Hanuman hits on him and nothing happens to Tarini, as he has the protective shield around him. Tarini disappears and gets away. Hanuman goes to hit him but Ram stops Hanuman.

Ram asked Tarrini that son, the one you were waiting for, it’s me. Tarini told Ram that its good you come out on your own, your end is definite today. He gets his magical bow and arrow.

Ram told him that you are Narayan Bhakt and praying to him since years, then why are you taking violence path, you are very young for war?

Tarini says no age is less or more to meet Narayan. Ram questioned him that who told you that you will get Narayan by violence, there is the simple and easy path of devotion, go, son, pray to Narayan?

Tarrini says my father told me to follow this path and he can never misguide me as I am his son. Ram explains to him that, violence is not a way to reach Narayan.

But Tarini denies and asked Ram to fight. Ram finally agrees to fight and with the help of his bow, he aims Tarrini and disc launches an arrow.

Tarini sees a bright light and gets glad seeing Vishnu Narayan in Ram. He smiles and folds hands. He says, Narayan……… Tarini falls down. Ram gets tearful eyed. Vibhishan cries.

Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan shouted that I got cheated, all Devtas cheated me as Tarini got killed and this means Vanvasi Ram is Vishnu’s human avatar.

Ravaan recals that he asked Brahmdev for making him immortal, but Brahmdev denies it, but he asked Raavan to make another wish. Then, Raavan asked him that bless him that no Devtaa, Asur or superpower can kill him. Brahmdev ask what about human?

Butt that time Raavan laughs and say how a human can kill me. Then, he shouted that all Devtas have cheated me, but now I will kill Ram. Although, he is a form of Vishu, but I am sure he is bounded by the human limit and now I will kill him. He laughs. Mahadev, Parvati, and Brahmadev look on.

In the upcoming episode, Meghnadh will ask Raavan to command him to go to war and kill Ram and Laxman. Raavan smiles and blesses him. Vibhishan says Meghnadh is coming. Laxman says let Meghnadh come by any door, he is destined to die by my hands today. Vibhishan tries to stop Laxman. Ram says Laxman…..