Lav & Kush Shoot Hawk! SKR Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Lav & Kush Shoot Hawk! SKR Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The Episode begins with Janak requesting that Sita comes back to Mithila with him, her mom is holding up since long, Mithila occupants are likewise holding up, accompany me for my purpose. She reminds what he said at the season of marriage. He reviews his words to offer Agnipariksha to ensure her self-regard. She says I m giving Agnipariksha even today, let me know by what method would I be able to leave this deficient and accompany you to Mithila.


Valmiki comes and says your dad is starting right, I likewise feel you ought to leave for Mithila alongside Janak. She says Rishivar; the body is the base of distress, agony, and inconveniences, yet by what method can the issue of soul end, regardless of the fact that I stay in Rajbhavan or van ashram, the torment to be far from Ram is same, the spirit’s affliction will end when I see my Ram.

Valmiki asks Sita what the need to do this; others can do this work. She says right, yet you said Mata’s considerations and conduct influences the tyke, I m doing this with the goal that youngster comprehends he is Sanyasi’s kid, not of a Maharani. She goes. She feels agony and drops the pot. She sits on the ground in agony. Hanuman asks are you fine. The women take her inside the cottage. Hanuman asks Gurudev will everything be fine. Valmiki says it will be favorable. Sita gets work torment. The women convey her youngster.

Hanuman stresses. Valmiki requests that he have persistence. Sita shouts. She conveys the children. The woman gives uplifting news to Valmiki that Sita has gotten to be a mother, she has brought forth twin infants, two kids will play around in our ashram now. Valmiki and Hanuman get happy. Hanuman praises Ram from the heart, as Ram has gotten to be the father.

Sita sees her kids and grins. She moves the support. Muni Valmiki ke angna… .plays… … .Lav and Kush grow up. They learn strolling. Sita grins seeing them. A long time pass… .. Hanuman/Maruti makes the young men sit on his back and gives them a ride. Valmiki shows them ved puraan. Sita grins and cries cheerfully.

Lav and Kush keep running in the wilderness to get the blossoms. They move each other to touch Sita’s feet first and both take distinctive ways. Sita sits tight for them. They yell Mata and come there running. They achieve Sita and tumble to touch her feet. They both touch feet together and grin. Lav and Kush contend that they have touched feet first. Hanuman says just Mata can say that. They ask Sita. Sita says nobody started things out or second, you both met up and touched my feet together.

Valmiki says we have send you to get blooms for puja, where are the blossoms. Kush gives the blossoms. Valmiki says its aarti time, come. Kush requests that Lav come. Lav requests that he hold up. Kush says come, I will let you know, we will return till Mata closes aarti. Lav says Mata says its wrong to abandon taking consent. Kush says once we went to have foods grown from the ground let us know that its not important to take consent for little things, we are going for such little thing. Lav says fine, yet we will return soon. Kush takes him to the end of the bluff. He says what I need to show you, you will be upbeat seeing him. Lav asks what is it. Kush says he comes here dependably, see he is coming our direction. A bird of prey flies to them. Lav and Kush get strained.