Sky Group praises Australian and UK segment

The Sky Group is managing Sky Bets and Sky casinos around the world. Representatives of Sky Group praise UK and Australian segment of online gambling. Talking with journalists, the CEO of the company said that Australia is the biggest surprise for owners as the country is doing everything to help operators grow rapidly.

What’s the secret of the safe Australian gambling segment?

Australia has the friendliest legal framework for gambling operators. Country officials created a legal platform when both countries and operators are taking their fair share.

Rafi Ashkenazi, The Sky Group’s CEO, said that the company saw rapid growth in the third quarter of 2019. CEO thinks that increase was significant because of progressive thinking. Australians always take a leap of progress. For example, Australia has enlisted Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in online gambling industries. Currently, most of the Australian gambling operators can operate via Bitcoin. Australian bitcoin casino is a new trend, and the country’s gaming industry is always one step ahead of the competition because of a progressive approach.

The US could be next hit for Sky Group

Sky betting group achieved desired results in Europe, and now they saw rapid growth in Australia. CEO of the company said that the next destination is indeed the USA. They have already started operating in the country, but it’s not easy to dominate in US territory, especially in the gambling sector.

Rafi thinks that a new deal with Fox Sports would be profitable for the company. After an agreement with Fox Sports, the company has launched Fox Bet in US territory, and they have satisfying results for the first year so far.

Australia as the better gaming destination than the US

Company representatives think that Australia gives better opportunities for any casino operator. At the same time, the country follows the simple rule – technological progress must be the first choice. Along with technical and AI development, country officials try to give those achievements green light.

USA and UK are still thinking about Bitcoin legality. BTC and other cryptocurrencies are the most significant technological achievements of the last few years. The Australian government gave the green light to betting with one of the most efficient payment platforms. New currencies in Casino and online gambling industry gave fresh breath to the sector. That’s why the country is getting billions of dollars every year from taxes of online gaming operators.

Other countries in the EU and other territories could be trying hard, but not the following progress could be a problem. CEO of Sky Group is happy with current results in Australia and hopes for a better future in the USA and UK.