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Do you ever stop and wonder what position you sleep in and how this may affect your health and general well-being? You may not have realized this, but your regular sleeping position can have adverse effects on your health. The following are some of the common sleeping positions that people prefer, as well as how they may be influencing your health.


  1. Sleeping face down

Sleeping on your stomach can do wonders for your digestion. However, unless you figured out a miraculous way of breathing through your pillow, you most likely need to tilt your face either to the right or to the left. Tilting your head in this manner can put a lot of pressure on your neck. It has been observed that sleeping face down can also be detrimental to your back causing you severe pain. This is because the position does not support the curve of your back.

  1. Fetal position

The fetal position is when you sleep curled up into a ball with your chin tilted downwards and your knees drawn up. It is a comfortable position, but experts recommend against prolonged sleeping in this position. This is because it can cause egregious harm to both your neck and your back. In addition, it can also result in restricted deep breathing, which may lead to respiratory issues in the future. However, that being said, the fetal position can have you fast asleep in no time especially if you do not want to snore or if you are pregnant.

  1. On your back with arms at the sides

This sleeping position is generally regarded as the best sleeping position for maintaining good spine health. It is also good for the neck as well as long as you ensure that you do not use too many pillows. However, people who sleep on their backs tend to snore more than when sleeping in other positions. In addition, medical practitioners opine that there is a strong link between sleeping on your back and developing sleep apnea.

  1. Starfish position

The ‘starfish position’ entails sleeping on your back with your arms up. The position is good for the back, and individuals suffering from backache are often advised to sleep in this position, albeit for a little while. It has also been documented that sleeping on your back helps prevent breakouts on the skin as well as facial wrinkles. However, this position promotes acid reflux as well as snoring heavily. In addition, having your arms in this position for significant amounts of time as you sleep can be hazardous to your nerves in the shoulder area resulting in a lot of pain in this area the following day.

  1. Sleeping on the side with arms at the side

Many people prefer this sleeping position compared to the others discussed above. This sleeping position is ideal for your spine health because the spine is being supported at its natural curve. In addition, this position has been known to alleviate sleep apnea, as well as reduce back and neck pain. However, the sleeping position also has its downside. For instance, due to the gravity situation, your skin can age prematurely, and you are more likely to experience sagging breasts and facial wrinkles if you sleep in this position.

  1. Sleeping on the side with arms outstretched

This position has similar benefits of sleeping on your side with your arms at the side. The main downside of this sleeping position is that can result in restricted blood flow to the nerves of the shoulders and arms resulting in pain in these areas.

Whichever is your sleeping position, you need to remember that comfort enhances your ability to sleep. A natural latex mattress will give you all the comfort you need to sleep soundly throughout the night regardless of your preferred sleeping position.