Smriti Irani trends on Twitter as Lootkirani for not paying Costume bill

The former Human Resource and Development (HRD) minister Smriti Irani hits the headlines for controversies every other day, be it a case like Hyderabad Univeristy student Rohith Vemula’s suicide or a Twitter jibe.

Smriti Irani

Recently, Prime minister Narendra Modi rearranged the departments and Irani was transferred to the Union Textile Minister post from HRD department while Prakash Javadekar is now managing HRD.

Sources in the Textile Ministry revealed, Smriti Irani recently had a fight with the secretary and senior IAS officer Rashmi Verma and the following complaint about the matter, reached to the cabinet secretary. Even the matter reached to Modi’s ears.

Meanwhile, Rashmi Verma talked about the matter to the senior officials and said if Irani continues with this attitude then it will be difficult for her to work in the same area. Sources revealed that the brawl further erupted as Smriti Irani did some saree shopping and bought a lord Ganesha idol worth lakhs and refused to pay the bill for the same.

IAS Officer Rashmi claimed that Smriti Irani went to examine the cottage industry managed by the Textile Ministry. While she visits, Mrs. Irani bought some costly sarees and an idol of Lord Ganesha. The total bill of the purchase worth approximately Rs 8 lakh.

Irani then refused to pay the bill upon which Verma said this is her personal expense and Government is not liable to pay for it.

Annoyed by the statement Smriti Irani further said, she has every right to wear clothes being spun by the cottage industry which falls under Textile Ministry. Paying bill is not a problem, she added.

And this is how people trolled Mrs. Irani on twitter for this act:-