Snake Attacks The Car! Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sandhya’s inner soul asks her to fight against this delusions but her heart wants to go back as she doesn’t want to harm her son for fighting against people’s belief. Suraj says that he will be with her at each stage of life.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 11th May 2016 Written Updates


The prospective groom’s family insults Maasa for not attending them. They went. Ritu humiliates Emily as she was not present at that time. Om scolds Ritu and asks not to yell or misbehave with his wife ever.

Sandhya informs Binny that they are returning back to Pushkar. Bhabo further justifies the reasons behind their departure. Ved asks to stay alone as he wants to attend Duimukeshwari’s festival. Sandhya is concerned about this. Meanwhile, Suraj convinces him for going with them.

Sandhya found her clothes burned. She asks Binny about this. Binny taunts her as this happens because she is not letting Ved attend Devi’s festival. She can do anything to abstain him from going. Meenakshi agrees with Binny. Ved also insists on staying.

Sandhya got worried she went in front of god and asks to help her and to give her strength for rescuing her son. Arzoo blames herself for Chotu’s state. Chotu gains consciousness. Piya starts doing drama in front of her to prove herself innocent.

Suraj convinces Ved to go back and asks to call Sandhya. Ved strengthens her and they step ahead to go back. The snake Dhakshak came there and to stop them he broke down a branch from the tree that falls down and everybody yells Sandhya’s name.


Everybody sits in the car to go but Dakshak the snake attacks the car. Everyone is shocked.

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