Snapchat launches new AR lens for Tinder’s Swipe Night

Snapchat launches new AR lens for Tinder’s Swipe Night :- Snapchat has finally launched a new Swipe Night Lens feature after a huge anticipation. This feature allows you to select your own adventure for Tinder’s Swipe Night app by swiping left or right.

Snapchat launches new AR lens for Tinder’s Swipe Night

As per to the Engadget report, the Swipe Night Lens is basically Snapchat’s first swipeable lens that let its users a sneak-peek into Tinder’s Swipe Night experience with the help of bringing several scenarios as well as permitting you swipe left in order to ‘save yourself’ or else swipe right in order to ‘save the world’.

If you want you can also check out the experience deprived of really downloading Tinder, Snapchat has also you covered with the new Swipe Night Lens. It is going to give its users a sneak peek at the experience by carrying up several scenarios from Swipe Night as well as letting you swipe left to “save yourself” or swipe right to “save the world,” as per to the Tinder.

“The Lens was built specially for Swipe Night to recreate for Snapchat users the swiping experience from the new interactive show,” Tinder says.

It added, “Each directional swipe will bring the user to a different Snapchat experience, depending on their choice.”

Snapchat’s Swipe Night Lens is going to arrive along with six-episode series of Tinder that is planned to launch on October 6th at 6 PM, with a new show that is coming each Sunday. The apocalyptic adventure is the first attempt of Tinder into amalgamation of AR with dating.

At some of the key points, the users will need to swipe left or right in order to make choices that are going to drive the direction of the plot, with merely seven seconds to make the decision. Your decisions are apparently going to have real-life consequences, as they’ll be further added to your profile so matches can see how you’d handle any disaster.

Tinder on the other hand, is openly targeting Gen Z with the experience, claiming it a full experience that speaks their language. In the meantime, Snapchat is already popular with their demographic, and by teaming with the social network so far. The company seems to have no doubt and hopes to tempt non-users in order to download its dating app.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has turn out to be known for signifying a new, mobile-first direction for social media, as well as places noteworthy emphasis on users interacting with virtual stickers along with augmented reality objects. Snapchat has 187 million daily active users, as of February 2018.