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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Sofa

Maybe we underestimate the sofa in our house but when you are considering buying a new one then there are so many things you need to keep in mind. Purchasing a sofa is a big investment. Your sofa is the lifeline of your living room and thus it needs to be comfortable and adequate to your living room.We have got the things you must consider while buying a new sofa.


How Big?

The first question is how big sofa you need. For a big living room you have ample space to dedicate your sofa to. If you have moderate spacing then you must think whether you need to put other furniture as well such as matching coffee table? If yes, then consider buying a smaller sofa that leaves you with ample amount of space. You have no choices but to buy a smaller sofa if you have a room is not spacious enough.

Decide Color and Print

Neutral shades can go with any style of décor. But some colors add personality to your room and completely transform the look and feel of your room. Choose a color that matches the ambience of the room and expresses your emotions.

Printed sofas are trendy and can be seen in cafes, pubs, and even houses. For those ready to experiment – you must go for this and see how it transforms your room.

The Perfect Frame

The frame of a sofa is its backbone. Frame gives the structure to your sofa and decides its looks. Soft pine wood is weak and wears out in 5 years but is economical. Kiln-dried hardwood lasts longer but is expensive. Avoid metal, particle board or plastic frames.

Testing the Springs

We use sofas whole day and night too. Even when we don’t have guests, we normally use them. These make testing the springs crucial. Firm springs are better and they don’t sag over time. Try not to buy one without springs.

Which Upholstery?

The price of your sofa depends highly on the kind of upholstery being used. PU Foam is easy to take care and has lower cost of filling while high resilient foam is expensive but last longer and feels more comfy. Outside fabric is expected to be tightly woven and tailored in the best way. If you have pattern on the sofa then make sure it is cautiously lined up on all seams for a unified looking sofa. Top grain leather is best for leather sofas.

Buy Sofa Sets Online

If you are looking for a new sofa then you must buy sofa sets online at Urban Ladder. It has started its service that allows buyers to take home trials of up to 3 sofa. A buyer can see how the sofa looks in his or her living room by getting it delivered to home.

How Does it Work?

You first make a one-time payment of INR 499 to book the trial, and then select any three sofas you wish to try. A single-seater sofa from that range will come to your home. You can see it, touch it, and check the sofa physically. If you are satisfied then you can book the sofa on the spot otherwise you may take your time to decide. If you are not satisfied, then you can book another sofa by going through the same procedure all over again. You can take as many trials as you want by repeating the same process. This certainly is an innovative way to buy furniture and we hope you have got the idea to buy your perfect sofa for your room.