Someone Kidnap Swara Again! Swaragini 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Someone Kidnap Swara Again! Swaragini 26th April 2016 Episode Written Update :- In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” we saw that Pareenita has been scolded by everyone and even Adarsh took back the key from her as she is not worthy enough careful and serious to hold the same. Pareenita is depressed for that and got teary eyes. Nest morning Swara is shocked and thoughtful to see that Uttara is having a love letter.

swararagini episode written update

Swararagini Episode Written Update

When Swara asked about this to Uttara, Uttara try to lie to Swara but all goes vain as Swara said, he asked you I love you, he eat you food in the Puja. He can’t be your friend, so Uttara confess yes, Rajat is her boyfriend. Swara said she wants to meet with him. So Uttara arrange meeting between Swara and Rajat in the coffee shop.

In the mean time, Rajat went in the Goradiya house to take the house in the rent where Ragini’s Dadi denied giving him the house in rent as he is bachelor. Rajat insulted Dadi badly, and coincidentally Ragini arrived there and slap Rajat as he insulted her Dadi and also drive him away from the house and said unless she will be calling police.

Dadi became emotional with that and holds Ragini, Ragini said mom is not well, Dadi says yes. So Sumi was in clinic for check up where Sumi shocked, stunned and happy to know that she is pregnant. Sumi thinks how she will share the news with Shekhar that she is going to be mother. Sumi thinks and walk.

In the mean time, Swara meet with Rajat and Rajat gives a clean impression to Swara, also Uttara and Swara took promise from Swara that she will be going to speak about the marriage of him and Uttara with the Bade Papa and the Maheshwari family. Swara gives her nod, when Uttara convince Swara.

In the tongith episode of the “Swaragini” it will be shown that Sujata will be scolding Uttara and pushes her as the Uttara is having an affair this will be reveal now. Bade Papa is very angry and fumes on the anger. When Pareenita will be trying to say something, it is Sujata will be scolding Pareenita to stay away from Uttara and her matters.

Pareenita feels insults with that and she had been seen cursing Swara and Ragini in an alone room as they are being favourite of the mother-in-laws and nobody care for her. Pareenita fumes on anger now and looked on. Uttara cries and think about every possible way to marry Rajat and to seek permission from her parents.