Sonam’s Neerja to be screened at the Indian Film Festival Melbourne 2016

Sonam’s Neerja to be screened at the Indian Film Festival Melbourne 2016 Sonam Kapoor, who is the daughter of the evergreen actor Anil Kapoor. And, when this actress entered the Bollywood Industry with her movie Saawariya.


Then, despite working in numbers of the Bollywood projects Sonam was still looking for a role that will redefine her career. And in that search, she reached an epic script which was based on the true-life story of the unsung heroes of India “Neerja Bhanot.”

Well, Sonam signed “Neerja” movie and when this movie hit the theaters, Sonam was the happiest girl on the planet as Neerja not only did a fantastic job at the box office, but Sonam’s role was appreciated by all the critics.

Anyone can easily conclude that Neerja saved the acting career of the Sonam Kapoor and a rhythm was made by the critics that Neerja not only saved the peoples on the flight, but she also saved the acting career of Sonam Kapoor.

And now the news is coming out that Neerja will be screened at the film festival, the theme of which this year is women empowerment in the Indian Film Festival Melbourne 2016.

After ruling the hearts of the Indian population, now Neerja is headed towards the Australian soil, where it will be screened for the filmmakers and students of Australia. And after the screening, Sonam will discuss this movie with the Australian locals.

This is a really proud moment for the Sonam Kapoor and she must feel fortunate, that she got this movie, but one can not take anything for the brilliant acting that Neerja did in this movie.

Meanwhile, Neerja was directed by the Ram Madhavan and it was based on the real-life incident of Neerja Bhanot who went on to save the life of 359 passengers out of 379, which was hijacked by the couple of terrorist and Neerja died while saving the life of a children passenger of the flight number Pan Am Flight 73.