Sonia Gandhi elected as Congress Parliamentary Party chief again

Sonia Gandhi elected as Congress Parliamentary Party chief again: Today, the newly elected Congress MPs nominated party veteran Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson of Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP). The first meeting of newly elected Congress Lok Sabha MPs was started at the Central Hall of Parliament on Saturday. At present, the CPP was being chaired by Sonia Gandhi and after the Lok Sabha results, she has been again re-elected.

All the 52 Lok Sabha MPs of the Congress were present at the meeting, in addition of its members in the Rajya Sabha, as per to some sources.

Rahul Gandhi congratulated her in his tweet which stated, “Congratulations to Smt Sonia Gandhi on being elected Leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party. Under her leadership, the Congress will prove to be a strong & effective opposition party, that will fight to defend the Constitution of India.”

‘We will rise again,’ Sonia to Congress MPs at parliamentary party meet

The parliamentary party meeting to designate the leader of the Congress was conducted a week after its president Rahul Gandhi who declared his decision to leave the post after the defeat in the recent general election that saw the Narendra Modi-led NDA storming to power with total number of 352 seats out of 542 seats.

The meeting of the newly elected Congress Lok Sabha MPs was held just before the Parliament session which will start on June 17. Congress Rajya Sabha MPs as well as 52 newly elected Lok Sabha MPs was present in the meeting. Sonia Gandhi is also the chairperson of the Congress parliamentary party in both the Houses.

While addressing the MPs, she said significant measures will be taken in order to strengthen the party.

She said, “In this time of crisis, we must acknowledge the numerous challenges confronting the Congress party. The Congress Working Committee met a few days ago to deliberate the next steps and the way forward for us. Several decisive measures to strengthen the party are being discussed.”

Sonia Gandhi also admitted that the Congress was facing “an unprecedented crisis” where lay “an unprecedented opportunity”.

She said, “In an unprecedented crisis, lies an unprecedented opportunity. It is up to us to grasp it with humility and self-confidence, drawing the appropriate lessons from our defeat. The people of India expect us to honour their mandate by renewing and reinvigorating ourselves. Undeterred by the many challenges that lie ahead, we will rise again.”

Sonia Gandhi also praised Rahul Gandhi at the CPP meet for “his valiant and relentless campaign”.

“As Congress President, he has given his all and toiled night and day for the Congress party. He demonstrated his fearless leadership, by taking the Modi government head on. He highlighted the injustices carried out against farmers, workers, traders and small businesses, against the youth, women and the marginalised sections of our society.

“He has rejuvenated the Congress organisation in many states, and most recently lead us to victory in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. As Congress President, he earned the respect and love of every worker and crores of voters across the length and breadth of our country,” she said.

Saturday was the first occurrence when Gandhi interacted with party leaders ever since the CWC meeting which was held on May 25.