Sonic Restaurant Shooting: 12-year-old Boy Charged With Murder of Drive-in Employee

Again a horrifying incident of the shooting and killing of a man by a teenager has been reported from the USA. The news has scared people as the accused is a 12-years old young boy. The incident stunned and shocked the people so much. The deceased victim of the shooting has been identified as a Sonic employee. The incident has escalated the fear as in the US almost every day the reports of shootings are becoming common and the availability of arms easily there is a big concern now. The incident occurred at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Texas, USA. We are providing the entire information of the shooting incident that took the life of a young man in the USA. Be with us.

Sonic Restaurant Shooting

The incident occurred in the parking area of a fast-food restaurant in the 300 block of South Old Betsy Road in Keene, Texas. It has been reported that Matthew Davis who was 32 and an employee at Sonic was on his duty on Saturday night. Angel Gomez, who is 20 years old arrived at the parking space and was parking his vehicle disorderly. Matthew Davis was giving him directions and soon the matter became conflicted and the arguments hyped up.

Sonic Restaurant Shooting

A teenager 12-year-old was inside Angel Gomez’s car and fetched a firearm from the vehicle and started firing on Devis. The juvenile fired multiple shots at him. It has been confirmed by the police Chief James that at least six shots were fired at him. The weapon recovered from the vehicle is an “AR-style 22 rifle”. Police also recovered more firearms from the car as per the reports. Both the accused of the crime at first fled from the site of the incident.

After some time Angel Gomez returned to the parking area where the police arrested him. The boy was also captured after sometimes from nearby. The boy is in detention in Granbury. When the police arrived at the spot, Davis was suffering from gunshots. He was rushed to Harris Methodist Hospital where he was declared dead. The tragic incident has saddened the Sonic Community and they are cooperating with the police officials in investigations. The family of Davis is devastated by the incident. His 10-year-old son is shocked and depressed by the untimely death of his father.

The family have raised the platform GoFundMe to meet the funeral costs for Davis. What charges would suffer the young killer is unclear yet. Further information about that is still awaited. We will be sharing it with you when it is sourced. Stay tuned.

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