Sony Xperia Flagship Smartphone announced on 1st September At IFA 2016 Specification Features

Sony Xperia Flagship Smartphone announced on 1st September At IFA 2016 Specification Features :- Sony today confirmed that it will be hosting a press conference on 1St September at IFA 2016 in Berlin. IFA is the world’s leading trade show in which companies showcase their consumer electronics and home appliances product. This year IFA will be organized in Berlin from 2nd September to 7th September 2016. Coming to the Sony’s announcement then company has not given any clue about what it is planning to announce on that day. But the chances are very high that Sony might be working on their flagship smart phone which they are going to announce that day and it is also a possibility that we have already seen the pictures of this next generation handset.


Company has not yet revealed any details of this handset but reports suggest that this next generation handset has been given the model number Xperia F8331 and is going to bear resemblance with the Sony Xperia X flagship smart phones.

There are many rumors which have surfaced online related to the specs of this next generation smart phone. Grapevines claim that for the first time in the history we will witness a handset that will be providing 4K resolution while recording videos both through rear as well as front camera. Apart from that possibilities are there that it might incorporate display with 1080p screen resolution. Last but the least presence of USB Type C connector adds on to the excitement for this smart phone.

Hitherto we have only this much information about the phone which is yet to be announced. IFA is world’s largest consumer electronics show and moreover it has proven to be a good platform for all the companies who want to unveil their flagship smart phones.

Last year Sony announced Xperia Z 5 during this event only. It will be worth waiting to see what different product does Sony have for its users this time?