Special Episode! Ishqbaaz 24th July 2016 Today Written Updates Oberoi Family

Special Episode! Ishqbaaz 24th July 2016 Today Written Updates Oberoi Family :- The show starts with Shivaye and Anika, both separately looking at the rain and Rimjhim Gir Jaye Sawaan plays. In the next scene, Rudra, Om, and Shivaye were discussing about the Anika and suddenly she arrived there.


Ishqbaaz Today Written Updates

Shivaye went to her to talk her. On the other hand, Om was recalling making some sketch and was thinking about Ishaana.

Also, Ishaana was thinking about her dad’s and Om’s word. Meanwhile, Tia’s mom went to the Shakti and told him that she is now tired and she really wants Shivaye o do engagement with Tia.

Meanwhile, Pinky asked Tia to call Shivaye as we want to fix the engagement date with him. Tia talked to Shivaye and asked her that when we are geting engaged.

he replied her that there is nohing to rush about this, we will get engaged soon. Tia told him that people on social media are continuously asking me about my engagement.

shivaye told her that, let them ask and it’s their habit to ask. Tia comes and informs everyone that Shivaye wants more time, Rudra laughs after hearing all these.

Then, Shivaye came there and inform everyone that I don’t want to get married , then Rudra started dancing. But suddenly, he told that I think me and Tia should directly get married.

Rudra and Om look at each other with a strange look. Then, Dadi asked Shivaye that ” are you really sure about your decision?”. Shivaye replied, “yes, of course, Tia is best for me and I will be happy with her”.

Dadi told her to understand the difference between love and business. and to be an Ishqbaaz, it requires loosing your heart. Shivaya told Dadi that” I don’t like losing and I don’t believe in relationship and all”.

Then, Dadi asked everyone to prepare for the marriage.

In the next scene, Om and Rudra were seen discussing about Tia and Shivaye. They were discussing why Shivaye said yes for Tia. Rudra told that” marriage is a wasteful thing and no one should go for it”.

Rudra also asked Shivaye about Anika and what she was doing on the dinner? Shivaye asked him that” how did he come to know about Anika? Rudra replied,” Om told me.”

Shivaye told them that Anika is gone and her chapter is close. Then, both three brothers went to cook pizza. Tia arrives there and asked what they guys were doing there?

Shivaye asked Tia” Do you know how to cook?”. Tia says no. Then, Rudra asked Shivaye to show her that stand. then, Shivaye rolls the pizza’s base on her finger and saw Anika standing outside the kitchen.

Flour went on the face of Tia and Shivaye went to talk to Anika. Then Dadi came there and informed him that I have called Anika and she is your wedding planner. Shivaye got shocked.

Anika told Shivaye that” how could I deny the proposal of Dadi”. Then, Shivaye replied her hat” you have encashed my cheque, so don’t throw your attitude here”.

Anika told him that” now I will throw my attitude, every day on your face and leaves from there.


Anika will be seen telling Dadi that I have purchased every item and I have already paid fro them. Dadi got surprised. Then, Anika told her that” although I had made the payment but money is of Shivaye”.

Shivaye listens to all this and got surprised.