Spoilers Alert! Jamai Raja season 3 brings some quirky twists to the show

The fans of the famous serial Jamai Raja are increasing and with the new season 3, the twist in the story is what the audience is liking a lot. The Tom and Jerry fight between the leads Satya (Roshni and Sidharth’s son) and Mahi. We all swoon over Satya aka Ravi Dubey from the very beginning but Mahi also wins our hearts with her cute and innocent style.


In the current episodes of the show Sayta is trying to woo Mahi’s sister Koel and she is also falling for him. Mahi on the other side thinks Satya is fake and tries hook and crook to protect her little sister out of this mess.

Koel leaves Mahi at an abandoned place and goes to meet Satya. Mahi calls her but she ignores and then Satya asks Koel about Mahi, she opens up and Satya rushes to save her as the location is not safe.

Mahi, on the other hand, faces some trouble but our hero Satya reaches there and saves her. They try to get out of the mess but trapped in another one. They go to an old factory where Satya brings water for Mahi. They drink it sip by sip, soon Satya came to know it is alcohol and not water but its too late and both of them become drunk.

The magical love story starts here and they have fun together also share their respective lives. Next Morning, Mahi scolds him for making her drunk as she came to know the truth she apologizes.

Get ready guys for the upcoming love triangle between Koel-Satya-Mahi.