Stan Grant Scandal And Controversy: Racist Abuse Comment Explained

Stan Grant, a high-profile TV journalist in Australia is making the headlines these days as the award-winning journalist quit a show over racism. The popular TV host is open up over the enduring experience and the recent abuse he faced for being an indigenous man that made him take the decision of quitting the show. The news is gaining the attention of netizens as the Journalist is a very famous and renowned face of the media and the issue opened that is racism is also an eye-catching issue. Who is Stan Grant and what issues he faced that pushed him to take this step? We are going to share this with our viewers in this article, so stay tuned.

Stan Grant

Stan Grant Scandal And Controversy

The famous journalist who is 59 years old is being trolled by some media for commenting during King Charles III’s coronation. Stan Grant told that his statement and illustration have been distorted by the media and presented an interpretation of that in the wrong manner. Actually, Grant raised Britain’s colonial persecution of Indigenous Australians during ABC’s coverage of King Charles III’s coronation. He expressed that he wanted to tell the truth that Indigenous people still have the highest rates of imprisonment and poverty. Grant said that conservative media have depicted his concerns and thinking in a hate-filled manner.

Stan Grant scandal and controversy Racist abuse comment explained

Racist Abuse Comment Explained

Grant also open up about the racism he faced in his career and expressed that it has escalated this time so much that is unbearable for him. Stan Grant became the first Aboriginal prime-time host on Australian commercial TV and has won several journalism awards in his career. During the show on Friday, he stood down from presenting the prime show under ABC’s flagship Q+A panel discussion show. He announced that he has suffered enough racism and now he has fed up and is quitting.

His action was because of relentless racist abuse that he received after he covered the King’s Coronation for national broadcaster ABC. His two statements that appear provoking at first sight are– the crown represents the invasion and theft of our land,” Grant said in an article published Friday on ABC’s website. And the other is -“Police wearing the seal of the crown took children from their families. Under the crown, our people were massacred.” After he made these statements, he was strongly criticised by the people. Grant tried to explain that he has been interpreted wrongly, but the people are reacting to his statements. After facing so much criticism, the famous journalist quit the show ABC’s Q+A current affairs. What will be the next move of Stan Grat? We will be sharing as we sourced. Stay tuned.

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