Standing Desk Helps Students to be More Attentive

Standing Desk Helps Students to be More Attentive. Finally Tensions for Parents, Teachers and students will be over because of another study revealed, students will be attentive during their studies or which so ever work they are doing. Journal of Health Promotion and Education suggests that standing Desk could be a better way to help facilitate learning and concentration as compared to seated counterparts, a new study has found.

Standing Desk Helps Students to be More Attentive

Standing Desk make students More Attentive

According to research almost 300 children in second through fourth grade who were observed over the course of a school year, when noticed on children in second through fourth grade and found that students assigned to standing desks were more attentive and interacted more than their seated counterparts.

“Standing workstations reduce disruptive behaviour problems and increase students’ attention or academic behavioural engagement by providing students with a different method for completing academic tasks (like standing) that breaks up the monotony of seated work,” Benden said.

“Considerable research indicates that academic behavioural engagement is the most important contributor to student achievement. Simply put, we think better on our feet than in our seat,” Benden added.

The key lesson to take from this research, Benden says, is that school districts that put standing desks in classrooms may be able to address two problems at the same time: academic performance and childhood obesity.

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