Stanley Cup 2016 Final Penguins Won Against Sharks 3-1 Highlights Score Results

Stanley Cup 2016 Final Penguins Won Against Sharks 3-1 Highlights Score :- The time is meant to be changed, and when it changes then it changes the complete scenario of a particular individual.

stanley cup final 13th june 2016


Penguins vs. Sharks Final Match Highlights

But it cannot change the feeling of an individual in a particular situation. Feel is permanent and if you want to understand this complete concept then you must ask the Pittsburgh Penguins’s captain Sidney Crosby who recently won the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh Penguin has won the Stanley Cup on Sunday evening at the SAP centre against the Sharks by 3-1. This is a tremendous acheivement for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they have now won the Stainley Cup for second time.

This team has won the Stanley cup way back in the year 2009.  Penguins were in dissarray in December under the coaching of Mike Johnston bu the fortune of this team chages completely when  new coach Mike Sullivan took over the Coaching duty from former head coach Mike Johnston.

From that time, this team is now something else and for this transition Coach is responsible, aslo players have themselves contributed and did those hard works to be at the position in which they are currently now.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby after winning the cup mentione in his interview that ” this is the team effort and the whole team is responsible for this win. I had did my work and work hard day and night. I don’t know whether i had done something special or not”

Crosby after winning the Stainley Cup, handed the cup to the Trevor Daley, whose season was ended with the broken ankle in the Eastern Confrence final.

Crosby also knows that Daley had vissited his ailing mother and his mother told him that she want to see Daley holding the Cup.

And Crosby did what his mother asked him to do.

Then Daley hold the Cup and appreciated the humanity of Crosby. He mentioned in a interview that” What he can say about Crosby , he is the brilliant hockey player and even beter person”.

When Penguins had won the Stainley Cup in the year 2009, Crosby was not in that team because of knee injury and he had hold the cup from the Bettman.

Now he hold his own Stainley Cup  for the second time but as a captain. We would like to wish Penguins and Crosby for their acheivements and may this tem acheive many more Cupa in near future.