Stuart Highway Accident: Four Children Among Six Killed in Collision in Northern Territory

Six people, including four kids, lost their lives in a terrible car accident that saw their car explode into a huge ball of fire. The accident happened on Friday afternoon when a 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero, which had two adults and four children in it, went off the road near a small town called Katherine in the Northern Territory and collided with a road train. Keep reading the entire article.

Stuart Highway Accident

The six passengers in the Mitsubishi had to be killed, while the truck driver and passenger escaped with minor injuries. NT Police Detective Senior Constable Brendan Lindner said the identification of the victims would be a long process due to the extent of the crash. He said those inside the 4WD Mitsubishi had no chance, as the car was consumed by a massive fire that took six hours to put out. ‘Unfortunately, due to the severity of the fire, there are very few human remains left,’ said Sergeant Lindner. ‘There was nothing anyone could have done to try and save these people, but they will be forever scarred.’

Stuart Highway Accident

The deceased, believed to have been part of the same family, are believed to have resided in the Big Rivers area and had purchased the 4WD approximately one week prior. Police are currently attempting to determine the cause of the collision, which has become the Northern Territory’s most deadly in sixteen years. Sergeant Lindner has indicated that alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the crash, however, the investigation is still in its infancy. ‘This has been a very difficult accident,’ Sergeant Lindner said, ‘and due to the severity of the accident, it is likely that the identities of the deceased will take some time to be determined. We are committed to providing the families involved with some closure and understanding of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The police are expected to make a public announcement of the identities of the victims no later than Thursday. On Monday, Commissioner Michael Murphy declared that the investigation would be a complex and lengthy one. He stated on ABC Radio that it is believed that the victims may be members of a family in the Northern Territory. The police are still in the process of determining the identity of the victims. Commissioner Murphy expressed his condolences to the families and thanked the emergency services for their swift response to the tragic accident. Be with our site to get the latest news.

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