Subrata released from Jail on parole to attend his mother funeral

Subrata Roy mother expired last day. His mother expired last day in Lucknow. As we all know, Subrata Roy is in Jail from last year. Subrata Roy is the owner of Sahara Industries. Roy’s mother was ninety-five years old, and she was prolonged ill.
Supreme Court granted him a parole of 4 weeks.

Subrata released from Jail on parole to attend his mother funeral

The Apex court also granted one of his relatives and directors of Sahara Ashok Roy Choudhary. Both of them were allowed probation at 8:45 pm from the jail. They both had been lodged in Tihar jail since 4 March 2014. Subrata Roy and Ashok Roy will be under Police protection during this parole.

Subrata’s Council Kapil Sibal assured the court that none of them would try to escape nor even run.
Supreme Court granted him four-week Parole to attend his mother funeral.

As we all know that, Subrata Roy was in jail for collecting 24,000 crores illegally from three crore investors. While paying tribute to his mother, Roy said that her mom taught him the act of giving is in his hand, and the fulfilments of others depend on others”.

Delhi Police constitutes a team of his officers for Subrata Roy. All the team goes in with him even the police went with them when Roy was going to perform last rites. Sibal is very annoyed after this and said that presence of Police at Solemn occasion would be disconcerting for Roy’s family.

After this issue, the police team said, Roy, that it is all about for his security. There are so many peoples who lose their money because of him. Sibal requested the Police officers to came in plain clothes in the last rites.

The court ordered Delhi Police team would escort Subrata Roy and Ashok Choudhary back to jail when their Parole period expired.