Sudamini Take Revenge From Bundela’s Family! Kawach 3rd July 2016 Written Updates

Sudamini Take Revenge From Bundela’s Family! Kawach 3rd July 2016 Written Updates :- Among the one of the most popular TV series Kawach is all set to showcase huge melodrama in which it will show that Paridhi will be possessed by Manjulika’s evil spirit and then Manjulika’s mother’s evil spirit on the Rajbir Bundela’s family!


Kawach 3rd July 2016 Written Updates

The last weekend episode of the Mona Singh, Mahek Chahal, Vivek Dahiya starred horror TV series Kawach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se was the scary episode. Manjulika makes Paridhi do nasty things after possessing her. Find out what happened.

Paridhi’s (Mona Singh) perils have just begun. Earlier there was only Manjulika (Maheck Chahal) alone who tortured the people of the Bundela family. As we are already aware of it that Paridhi is being haunted by Manjulika who enjoys invading her personal space and constantly possessing her after 7 pm. In the previous episode of the show, it has been also showcase that the Bundela family burn Saudamini’s portrait.

Now the possessed Pari enter in the store room to see the Manjulika’s mother’s portrait and desperately speak with the portrait to bring it back in the room. To everyone’s dismay, the portrait brings back bad memories and they try to throw away the portrait, but all goes vain as Manjulika did something in which they unable to throw the same.

On seeing this Manjulika yells at Pari and asked her to stop throwing the portrait to the Bundela family but Pari denied to do so as well she challenged that neither the evil spirit of the Manjulika will be able to tortured the Bundela family.

Nor she can take over the Pari’s body and Manjulika goes in fumes with that and scream. She also tries to torture Pari. Now evil spirit of the Manjulika decided to torture Pari and the Bundela family.

As per the report, now in the Kawach, Rajbir will be seen playing an important role in which he will be taking the responsibility to safeguard the Bundela family. Don’t forget to catch Kawach tonight at 8:00 PM.