Suhana saves Krishna! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Suhana saves Krishna! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th July 2016 Episode Written Updates : Dadi asks to show everybody their hands. Later, Dadi asks Soumya to show her hands before that Krishna takes the blames on herself and saves Soumya. Dadi scolds her but Suhani takes her side and asks Dadi to forgive her. Yuvan and Yuvani also take her side. Radhey tells Rakhi that Menaka and Rags ask Rajjo to steal their child and Babu is their son.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th July 2016 Written Updates

They decide to learn them a lesson and Radhey shows all the points against Menaka and rags. Rakhi lifts a knife and heads to Birla house. Krishna asks Soumya why she took Mangal Sutra? Soumya asks why she lied? She never teaches her to do so. Yuvraj hands over the Mangal Sutra to Suhani and she told her views about the importance of this in her life.

Soumya says things are different for her and she is doing this for her. Krishna says she saw her stealing that Mangal Sutra. She tells Krishna that she doesn’t want her to get separated from her dad. Krishna praises Suhani. Yuvan and Yuvani ask Yuvraj to tie mangal sutra in Suhani’s neck. Yuvraj refuses. They insist and dadi came there and refuses to do so.

Dadi thinks that she will never let this happen. Menaka makes fun of Suhani. Rags takes Babu and says she is going to her mother. Rakhi comes there and says where is she going with her son. Dadi asks what’s going on? Rakhi says this is her child. Suhani doesn’t believe them. Yuvraj asks Radhey what is going on? Radhey tells them that Rakhi is obsessed and takes her along with him. Menaka is nervous and Bhawana says she doesn’t need to left the house as they are with her.

Everybody is preparing for Suhani and Yuvraj’s wedding. Radhey asks Rakhi to act maturely as they don’t have money to nurture him. Radhey tells her plan to claim his child and money both. Menaka is worried as Radhey is lying. Suhani and Yuvraj are willing to marry. Dadi is against this marriage and planning something big.


Dadi lightens fire around the Doli and Krishna and Suhani got stuck in the fire.