Suhani falls Down! Suhani Se Ek Ladke 5th September Episode Written Updates

Suhani falls Down! Suhani Se Ek Ladke 5th September Episode Written Updates : The show stars with Yuvraj called Suhani. Yuvraj asked to give the school kit to Yuvaan. Suhani says there is no need to this, but Yuvraj insisted her. Yuvaan became happy to get the school kit and told everyone that my father gave me this.He showed everyone his kit. Lata says Sambhav is a good father. Sambhav says Yuvraj gave Yuvaan this kit.


Suhani si Ek Ladki Episode Written Updates


Suhani asked Sambhav to get the new sofa, else she will sleep on the broken sofa and he can sleep on the bed. Then, Pankaj came back told Suhani he meets Yuvraj in the market. Sambhav says I was thinking about Yuvraj and I think he must get re-married soon. Suhani says but my father will find the girl for him because he treats him like his own son. Sambhav gets angry.

On the other side, Rags and Menka argue for a voucher. Bhavna stops them and says whosoever will put the thread in the needle win win the match easily. Rags put her feet on Menka and Menka’s needle fall down. Everyone laughs. But Yuvaani came there and Krishna saw her looking her foot step over the needle, so she pushed her and Yuvani get to fall. Dadi came there and looked at Krishna angrily.

Sambhav put an electric shocking on the doll and when he calls on that phone then, doll felt down. Suhani was talking tp Yuvraj and Sambhav saw her talking. He thinks to give the electric shock to Suhani. He put a device in Suhani’s phone.

Meanwhile, Dadi scolded Krishna for pushing Yuvani. Dadi told everyone that Krishna will not eat an ice-cream for a month. Dadi and Yuvani left. Krishna cries and hugs Soumya and told her that I just tried to save Yuvani. Bhavna says we all know Krishna. Soumya says she will fix everything.

Suhani’s phone rang and she picks it and got the electric shock. Yuvraj and Pankaj hear her scream and rushes toward her. They saw Suhani lying on the ground and picks her up and called the doctor.

Doctor told them Suhani cannot hear for someday as she hears are effected from this incident. Everyone get shocked and Suhani asked Doctor to speak louder. Yuvaan hugs Suhani and asked everyone to be quiet.


In the upcoming episode, Suhani will someone in her room and she will run and will fall.