Dadi is not Well! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Dadi is not Well! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates : The show begins with Yuvraaj, Pratima, and Yuvani being en route. He requested that Yuvani listen to music and told Pratima that he rested in auto and Suhani got inside the auto as it began down-pouring, she was on overwhelming solutions and dozed, nothing happened between us, you let me know am I off-base. Sambhav asked Pankaj am I off-base? Pankaj answered they all have gone, quite recently leave this now. Sambhav told Suhani that Yuvraaj is terrible as he generally comes throughout her life and damages her. Pratima answers I didn’t know Sambhav would do this yet I felt he is full grown. Yuvraaj tells yes, yet I think this is his truth.


Suhani si Ek Ladki 10th August Written Updates

Dadi conversed with Rags and Menka. Soumya says sorry Dadi as I got late today, however I couldn’t wake up on time. Clothes ask her should we serve you nourishment? Clothes back rubs Soumya’s head. Bhavna requested that Soumya rise early soon as she needs to see the house.

Sambhav said thanks to Yuvaan for supporting him and let him know that I knew nobody will advise anything to Yuvraaj. Yuvaan lets him know that I will dependably bolster you. Sambhav lets him know I adore you my child and goes. Yuvaan gets Yuvani’s call. Sambhav hears their call. Yuvani let him know that I advised everything to Krishna and she said you ought not converse with Yuvraaj like this. Yuvaan says however Sambhav is my Papa.

Yuvani discloses to her that ” it doesn’t mean you act up with senior citizens as we didn’t see what happened with our judges, so we ought not respond gravely by passing judgment on anybody off-base. Yuvaan concurs and Sambhav gets furious intuition Yuvraaj and Yuvani have gotten to be overshadowing in my life.

Yuvaan told Yuvaani that I will take confirmation in your school and Yuvani tells Yuvaan that she will get shocked for him. She goes to Yuvraj and says Yuvaan is taking admission to her school and requesting that he converse with the foremost, it will be a decent impression.

Sambhav asked Yuvaan did he converse with Yuvani, what did she say? Suhani asked Yuvaan did he not get prepared? Sambhav answers I will drop you to class, and make you prepared for the meeting. He let him know that you ought to wear great garments at the same time, Yuvaan says no as momma told on the off chance that we do legend’s work, then we will end up being a saint, not my garments.

Yuvani supposes I need to look best and requested that Krishna help her. Pratima requested that Yuvraaj wear this shirt or overcoat at the same time, he says its not my confirmation, I completed Yuvani and Krishna’s affirmation as of now and I m thinking not to go.

In the interim, Sambhav thinks will Yuvraaj come or not. Yuvaan tells everybody I m prepared. Sambhav tells Suhani that I will oversee and requesting that her stay at home. Pankaj told that I know Suhani won’t concur. Suhani says yes and Pankaj likewise used to go with me to class when he came down with a bug and he gave his cool to foremost. They grin. Suhani, Sambhav and Yuvaan clear out.

Pratima requested that Yuvraaj go as Yuvaan is your child. He says however he detests me. She says you need to comprehend Sambhav is Suhani’s significant other, and Sambhav need to comprehend you are Yuvaan’s dad and you must be full grown.

Menka and Rags stow away and see Bhavna working in the kitchen. Clothes requested that Menka not ruin things this time. Menka goes and approaches the landline. Bhavna goes to go to the call and Menka says I m Sharad’s secretary. Bhavna asked when did he procure a secretary? Menka advised her two days prior as he was not able deal with his work and I m exceptionally skilled and I worked with rich individuals.

Clothes go and changes the juice arranged by Bhavna. Bhavna inquired as to why did you call me?Menka says I needed to say I m his secretary, I m wonderfully, every one of my supervisors enjoyed me, so I illuminate their spouses. Bhavna snickers and says don’t know which distraught young lady called. Clothes aked when Dadi eats this juice now, she will get hypersensitivity. Be that as it may, Soumya listens to their discussion.

Yuvraaj and Yuvani meet the key. Yuvani told the Principal that my sibling is exceptionally brilliant and we are twins. The foremost told Yuvraaj that your kids are exceptionally shrewd. Yuvraaj fills the structure and gives him.

Suhani, Sambhav, and Yuvaan touch base there and Suhani says I got Yuvaan for affirmation. The central says grab a chair as Yuvraj made Yuvani and Krishna flawless, seeing Yuvaan’s past record andI m beyond any doubt he will concentrate hard, if Yuvaan guarantees he won’t do devilishness, I will keep him in Yuvani’s class. Yuvaan guarantees. The essential says Suhani is fortunate that Yuvraaj does not ruin kids. Kids go out.

Dadi gets the juice. Bhavna and Pratima tell about Yuvaan’s affirmation. Dadi drinks squeeze and begins hacking. Bhavna and Pratima get stressed and make her rest. Clothes and Menka grin.

Suhani signs the structure. Sambhav scratches frame and strikes off Yuvraaj’s name from father’s name and composes his name there. The main asked what are you doing?Sambhav says I m Suhani’s significant other. The important says Yuvaan’s affirmation is going on as Yuvraaj’s little girls study here, he suggested Yuvaan and his name is completing confirmation soon. Suhani says do as you think right. The central says I will give you the new frame. Sambhav says I m holding up outside and clears out.


In the up and coming scene, Dadi hacks and Rags will get some information about juice. Bhavna says mousambi. Clothes say its pineapple juice. Pratima says Dadi has hypersensitivity with it.