Sambhav Blackmails Suhani! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Sambhav Blackmails Suhani! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- Krishna is super happy and shares her feelings with Bhavana and Sharad for treating her as a family. They hug her and say she is same for them as Yuvan and Yuvani. Soumya also expresses her happiness and Krishna expresses her desire to have a facial in order to spend time with Dadi. Sharad refuses and says she can do that without having a facial.


Dadi takes Yuvani to her room and says she needs a facial hence she has to ignore what other says about having a facial. If she wants to look good she has to get done with a facial. She has to make an effort to look beautiful.

Suhani is worried and thinking what’s wrong with Sambhav. Suhani doubts how Sambhav gets to know about the covering the pit. She decides not to overthink and wonders why he will harm her she knew him for 5 years. She heard Sambhav saying he will reach with the amount at 12.

Sambhav finds Suhani sleeping and gets up as decided. Suhani is restless and decides to follow Sambhav. He hands over a sum of amount and Suhani wonders who they are and why he is giving them money. Sambhav says this is for digging a pit and enough as Suhani came back well.

Suhani confronts him and scolds Sambhav for doing so. She asks him why he did that? Sambhav says he wants her and loves her. Sambhav alleges her for going Birla House with an excuse in order to meet Yuvraj. Suhani says he cannot go off by alleging her character and prove her wrong.

She continues with her words and said she is not a thing to be kept in a cupboard as a winning trophy. She asks him what he has done else than this?  Suhani asks him to go and she even doesn’t want to see his face. Suhani is tensed. Yuvraj comes there and asks Suhani what happened to her. Suhani behaves rudely which makes Sambhav happy.

Sambhav apologises with Suhani and expresses his fear of losing her. He tells her that he has decided to go back. Suhani agrees


Sambhav takes Yuvan as advantage against Suhani to threat her.