Suhani Gets Shocked! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Suhani Gets Shocked! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Sharad and Bhavna preparing for Ganesh Visharjan. Krishna was studying in hall and Yuvraj asked why she is studying in the hall? Yuvani came there and asked Yuvraj to call Suhani and Yuvaan for this function.


Yuvraj recalled Pratima’s word and asked Yuvani to tell Pratima to call Suhani. Next morning, Suhani was tieing bandage to her hand, and Sambhav came there and asked Suhani for help. Pratima called Suhani and told her that Yuvani wants her and Yuvaan for Ganesh visharjan.

Suhani told Pratima that she has to go the Sambhav’s friend house for Ganesh Puja and disconnects the call immediately. Suhani asked why you are doing this. Sambhav told Suhani that it’s Yuvraj drama to get back.

Sambhav reminds Suhani for about the death of a man. Suhani told him that he is a murderer and will always remain murdered. Suhani told Sambhav that you cannot force me to love you. Sambhav hurts her and says you know till which extend I can go.

Rags and Soumya were arguing over Storeroom. Soumya says Krishna need room for her studying. Rags say I want to use storeroom for my parlor, and Dadi told me that we would have to go for a competition to claim for this storeroom.

Suhani looks for Yuvaan and calls Lata. On the other side, Yuvani says I will not go to Ganesh Visharjan if Yuvaan and Suhani do not come. Yuvraj says I will get them.

Sambhav asked Yuvaan to catch the snake and tied that to his neck so that he will become the Lord Shiv. Tuvan got glad and went to find Snake. But Suhani stops him and scolds him for doing this. Yuvaan cries and go.

Sambhav asked Suhani to not insult her in front of Yuvaan. Sambhav says I did this to teach you a lesson, and I will not let Yuvan die so quickly. Suhani pushes her. They saw Yuvraj at the door.

Suhani scolds Yuvraj for always coming between her and Sambhav. Yuvraj told Suhani that Yuvani and Dadi want Yuvraj and you. Suhani follows Sambhav and goes. Sambhav says if Yuvaan goes out of the range of the remote then the bomb will explode.

Suhani says what do you want. Sambhav says just one thing. Yuvraj saw a watch on Yuvan’s hand and asked about it. Yuvan says Sambhav gave this to me, and mummy asked me never to remove it. Otherwise, Sambhav will felt bad. Yuvraj told Yuvan to remove the watch while bathing and sleeping. Yuvaraj says its waterproof and scratch proof, so I never remove it. Yuvraj thinks.

Pratima shows pits to family and informs a family member that this time we will keep Ganesh Idol in pits and will fill it water. Pratima says after the rituals we will plant a tree in the pits. Everyone likes the idea.

On the other side, Sambhav told Suhani that you would have to force me for going to Ganesh Visharjan. But, I will deny and then you will have to kiss me, and then I will go, and if you do not do this, then Yuvaan will die.


Yuvraj will tell, Yuvaan to remove the watch as he will tie the Mauli thread on his arm. Suhani gets shocked.