SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd October 2016 Written Updates! Suhani catches yuvaan

SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd October 2016 Written Updates! Suhani catches yuvaan :- SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd October 2016 Written Updates! Suhani catches yuvaanStar Plus most delightful entertaining show, Suhani Si Ek Ladki looks like an extraordinary fresh program, which gives the enormous voltage potential that lengthens to the Suhani Si Ek Ladki supporters.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd October 2016 Written Update

The entertaining TV series Suhani Si Ek Ladki usually made to give goose bumps to the eyewitnesses with its never locked dilemma way and undoubtedly, the big crux of the program is to showcase in the popular episodes that, Saiyyam says I won’t leave Suhani so effectively. Yuvaan covered up his face and whips Saiyyam, and Suhani gets Yuvaan.
Where In the most recent scene, Dadi comes to Krishna and inquires as to why are you resting right now. Krishna says no, Yuvani is dozing, she is taking rest. Dadi requests that she let Yuvani rest and not do any work. She goes.

Krishna says I trust Yuvani does not fall on any issue. Suhani says we didn’t get anything there, why will anybody come there. She checks the cabinet and gets a few records. She checks individual subtle elements record and finds smoldered paper.

Saiyyam comes and says you know Suhani Birla, simply blueprints can be made alone, amusement is fun where there is some solid contender like you, a debt of gratitude is in order for joining the diversion, I will twofold praise, so be prepared.

She takes a gander at him. He grins. Suhani returns home. Pratima asks where were you, I was calling you. Saiyyam tells the woman that its great you went from here, Suhani came here, I won’t meet you for some days, fine.

Pratima says why did you go alone. Suhani says investigator was with me. Suhani says I didn’t say so that anybody stresses. Dadi says I won’t lie, we won’t pay for your courage, as Yuvraaj paid last time.

Yuvaan comes and they get stunned seeing him. Yuvaan asks what happened with Papa years back. Dadi says I will say you a truth. Suhani says no, we will talk later, I m not prepared to say, I will tell my child later.

Yuvaan says I m glad Dadi needs to let me know truth, I will talk when mom is prepared, I will come to you. He goes. Dadi additionally takes off. Pratima says Yuvaan went on Yuvraaj.

Suhani says yes, Yuvraaj’s each tyke has some portion of him. Clothes come to meet Yuvani. Krishna says Yuvani is dozing. Dadi requests that Rags let Yuvani rest. Krishna misleads even Suhani and says Yuvani got drained and dozed.

Yuvaan says what happened in adolescence, I don’t recollect that anything. He gets furious and gets the toys. He sees football and teddy. He sees such a large number of watches and considers.

Suhani takes the watch away and inquires as to why does he need to know. He says simply like that. She says I know you have numerous inquiries, I will reply, however not presently.