Suhani & Yuvraj Together! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Suhani & Yuvraj Together! Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Rags asking Soumya to share half of the outhouse for her parlor. Soumya says what kind of deal it is? Rags say I will give you the offer to enjoy the parlor service free every month. Soumya says I will think and decide.


Dadi says my sister is responsible for this? Sharad says she is in jail, and we will find out the real culprit. Sambhav says ok find out the culprit, and I am leaving.

Sambhav went to check out the Suhani. Meanwhile, Suhani talks with Yuvraj about the plan to stop the Sambhav. Yuvraj says we have to stop Sambhav, as he tried to kill me. Suhani says I will do anything to save Yuvaan from this.

Sambhav collapse with Menka and she say what you are packing in the box? Sambhav says you always used to do bad stuff, not I. He meets Suhani and aksed him to leave because family is searching for the culprit who tried to kill Yuvraj.

Suhani and Sambhav leave the room and Yuvraj came out of the cupboard. Suhani hugged Bhavna and asked her to take care of her. Yuvraj came there and gave Yuvan an envelope and asked him to buy whatever he want to.

Suhani told Yuvraj that Sambhav is his father, and he knows how to take care of him and he fulfills his every desire. Yuvraj says I am his father, and I have right on him. Suhani says you want to disrespect Sambhav, and even other are blaming Sambhav for putting you in trunks.

Dadi asked Suhani to leave the house with her husband and son and now, this the doors of this house will not be open for her. Suhani, Yuvaan and Sambhav leaves the house.

Suhani returns home and boils water. Sambhav came there, and Suhani says him that she will punish him and will burn her hand. Sambhav stops him and says Yuvan and I are your future, and I am happy that your relation with Yuvraj is getting over.

On the other side, Pratima and Bhavna think why Suhani did this? Dadi says now, Suhani will not meet Yuvani. Suhani messaged Yuvraj that punishment plan succeeded. Sambhav checks Suhani’s phone.

Pratima asked Yuvraj Why Suhani is doing this? Yuvraj asked her to trust Suhani and him. Sambhav checks Suhani’s phone, and he receives Yuvraj’s message which contains ” Suhani does not deserve her, and she is happy with Sambhav.”

Sambhav told Suhani that I am satisfied that you and Yuvraj are not together. He leaves.


In the upcoming episode, Suhani will call Yuvraj and tell him that plan has succeeded. Yuvraj says I knew he will check the phone and i played well. Suhani says he wants proof that we are together.