#SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd November 2016 Written Updates! Yuvraaj Worries

#SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd November 2016 Written Updates! Yuvraaj Worries :- The TV series Suhani Si Ek Ladki is yet to showcase now that Yuvraaj Wins the Contest Dadi confronts Sayyam for misbehaving with Yuvraj. She asks Yuvraj to compete against him in the wrestling competition. Yuvraaj wins the contest. Later, Suhani lies to Yuvan when he asks her to show him Yuvraj’s photograph.


The last night episode of the TV series Suhani Si Ek Ladki further showcases that Yuvraaj is thinking something on seeing Suhani’s photo. Dadi comes to him and asked to him that it is good that Yuvaani seeks to pardon for the mistake done by her but Yuvraaj thinks that Yuvaani did something which won’t be sort out by saying just sorry.

Saiyam plays Panja with Yuvraaj and on seeing that Dadi taunts to Saiyam that his mother must be crying after giving birth to her. It makes Saiyam furious and he was about to defeat Yuvraaj but instead, finally Yuvraaj defeat him and Suhani was also there, she looks worried.

Now Suhani somehow take Yuvraaj to a single room where there was Pratima also and now Suhani asked to Yuvraj’s mother that Yuvraj comes out but she also seek apology from Pratima that for Sambhav it is Yuvraj had to stay apart from his mother but Yuvraaj and Pratima asked to Suhani that whatever happened it is mistake of Sambahv, not her.

Yuvaan asked to Suhani about his dad’s whereabouts but Suhani reply with her teary eyes that his dad was just like him who liked to eat Salad, do jogging which makes both Yuvaan and Suhani emotional. Suhani also seeks apology from Yuvraaj as till Yuvraaj come she only crying and Yuvraaj catches’ pranks with her.

Next day Krishna makes Rangoli with Suhani’s sister and they have quality time who gradually have been join by Yuvaan too. Bhavan makes Rangoli with Krishna and she asked Krishna that she doesn’t need to be worried if Rangoli will be ruin as this is just a Rangoli.

Now Bhavna asked to Suhani that Golu became too naughty now because of the Suhani’s pampers but Suhani said that it is her right to love one Bhanja (Nephew) of her anyway and everybody smiles now. Yuvraj arrives there and on seeing him Yuvaani asked to him that he is the music teacher.

Yuvraj looked puzzles and Yuvaani asked to him that what is his name and Yuvraj looked tensed. Suhani and Bhavna also looked worried now.

Precap: Yuvani asks Yuvraj to sing and show, I m also a singer and will learn something, what is your name. Yuvraaj worries.