SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th October 2016 Written Updates: Everyone Shocked to see parcel

SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th October 2016 Written Updates: Everyone Shocked to see parcel :- The show starts with Ddi scolding Suhani for getting marriage to Yuvraj. She told Suhani that she know that Sambhav is not fulfilling her every desire and she want comfort, so she is marrying Yuvraj. Suhani tries to convince Ddi but Dadi locks her in her room and goes.


Pratima told Lata that I wish Suhani will convince Dadi for this marriage as Dadi is not happy with the marriage. Pankaj says Suhani will definitely convince Dadi. Sambhav came there and greet Pandit.

Bomb’s remote fall down and Sambhav looks of it. Dadi gave him the remote and says are you looking for this? Sambhav says yes and takes it. Sambhav asked Yuvraj to sit on Mandap and says he ned to fix the board of Suhani and

Sambhav asked Yuvann to come for ice cream. Yuvani too insists for coming but Sambhav faints her by making her smell chlorophyll. He kidnapped Yuvan and Yuvaan shouts.

Dadi asked Yuvraj why he is marrying Suhani? Yuvraj says Suhani has done a lot for us. On the other hand, Lata unclocked Suhani and she get shocked to see Suhani crying. Suhani informs Dadi that Sambhva has kidnapped Yuvaan.

Yuvraj’s shervani caught fire and everyone ran after him for removing the fire. Suhani put water on Yuvraj’s shervani. They all get to shocked that Yuvani fainted. Yuvani wakes up and informs them that Sambhav took Yuvaan . Yuvraj shouts Yuvaan.

Sambhav put Yuvaan in a car. Snoopy came there running to save Yuvaan. Sambhav looks at a stick to beat Snoopy. Sambhav calls Suhani and talked to Yuvraj. He makes Yuvraj hears the scream of Yuvaan.

Suhani, Yuvraj, and others cry for the death of Snoopy. Yuvraj says I will not let Snoopy’s sacrifice went into vain. Then, everyone talks how Sambhav betrayed them. Pankaj says we never thought that he would have done something like this. Dadi blames Suhani for trusting on Sambhva.

Soumya tries to call Police. But, Yuvraj stopped her and told everyone that Sambhav want to kill me and he is a cold murdered.


In the upcoming episode, Rags asks what’s in this and checks the parcel. She sees a cut hand and screams. Everyone see that and get shocked.