Goons attack on Yuvraaj! SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th September 2016 Written Updates

Goons attack on Yuvraaj! SSEL Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show stars with Golu telling Sharad that he did not eat cake because it was not goo. Sharad asked Bhavna to make another cake for Golu. Soumya came there and told Sharad that she will make the cake for Golu tomorrow. Soumya says if Sharad can make Krishna happy, then I can help Sharad in making Golu happy. Golu thanks, Soumya and then, Soumya leaves. Bhavna asked Sharad what is this? Sharad says I will explain you.


Suhani Si Ek Ladki Written Updates

Dadi asked Rags how much money do you want for your parlour? Rags say 25 lakhs. Dadi refuses and told Rags that I will not give you money to waste it. Rags say I and Menka will go on strike .

On the other side, Sambhav lights up the candle and Suhani came there wearing the nightie gifted by him. Sambhav dreams and holds his her hand and Suhani says leave by hand. Sambhav asked her to sit and after that, she always remains happy. Suhani sits and Sambhav dreams get over as sofa get down

Suhani came there wearing a shirt over nighties and says Yuvan asked me to wear. Sambhav told her to change the dress if she wants. Suhani checks her cupboard and gets shocked to find no clothes in it. Suhani says Lata will doubt me why I wore these clothes. Sambhav says we are husband and wife and I love you. Suhani says but I don’t love you and I married you just for the sake of Yuvaan.

Pratima meet Yuvraj and asked him to sleep. Yuvraj told her that Sambhav is evil-minded and he brought the cake for Suhani. Pratima says Sambhav loves Suhani and he cannot do anything wrong with her. She asked Yuvraj to sleep as he has wake up next morning to bring the Ganesh Idol.

Next morning, Rags and Minka wore simple clothes and tell everyone that they both are on strike. Sharad, Bhavna and Pratima were shocked to see them. Golu calls Suhania and Krishna to see this. Yuvani makes fun of Rags and Menka. Pratima asked Yuvraj to get the Ganesh Idol. Yuvanni says I will also come with you. Golu and Krishna say we will also come.

Suhani finds her clothes. Lat asked why she is wearing Yuvraj’s clothes? Then, Lata gets to bring clothes for Suhani. Yuvani sends the message to Suhani that she is ill. Krishna asked why did you lie? Yuvani told her that Dadi always used to say rich people can do anything.

Suhani goes to see Yuvani. Rags say she is fine. Krishna told Suhani that Yuvani messaged because we wanted to get Yuvan with us. Yuvan says why you lie, Mumma would have allowed me to go with you? Yuvani says Dadi taught me that when we can easily get everything by lying, then there is no need to say the truth. Suhani says it is not like this. Dadi came there and stops Suhani.


In the upcoming episode, the goons will dig a big valley. Sambhav says now idol trolley will fall here and my wife will come back to me.