Epic Episode! Suhani Si Ek Laki 21st August 2016 Written Updates

Epic Episode! Suhani Si Ek Laki 21st August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Yuvraaj checking the place where Suhani was found unconscious. He found a stick which has blood on it. He called the inspector and informed him about it. He thinks he will find out the culprit.

Suhani Si Ek Laki 21st August 2016 Written Updates

Meanwhile, all kids went to Suhani’s room. Yuvani and Krishna asked Suhani to get well soon. Yuvani told Suhanni a story. Krishna prayed to god for Suhani. They all decorate the room.

Inspector came there and listened Rags and MEnka saying Soumya would have hurt Suhanni. Then, Inspector talks to Yuvraaj and told him that blood report has come and we find that Suhani was hit by the same stick.

They all think who could do this with Suhani. Rags and Menka say this enemy may be from our family. They took Soumya’s name as a culprit behind Suhani’s bad condition. But, Sambhav told them that Soumya can not do this as she was with him. Meanwhile, Dadi told Yuvraaj that I used that stick to save Suhanni, my fingerprint must be there. Yuvaraaj says, no one from family can not do this.

Dadi and Sambav went into a store room and there were talking. Sambhav asked Dadi why she hit Suhaani? Dadi says she was following me and thus, I have to stop her. Sambhav threatened Smbhav and told her that he will bring her truth in front of every family member. Dadi asked him to not this as she will also bring her truth in front of family and will inform everyone that you kidnapped Yuvraaj.

Then, Dadi asked him not to be her enemy. And she leaves the room. Pratima asked Yuvaam why he is not eating food. Yuvaan told her that her mummy is not well. Soumya came there and asked for food for Krishna. He found a coin there and think this may belong to that culprit.

Rags and Menka told Soumya that Krishna loves Suhanni more than you. Soumya says she is my daughter and I know what she loves or not. Meanwhile, Yuvraaj reached handpump and he thinks, who could do this with Suhaani and now, I will not allow any injustice to Suhanni.

Lata prays for Suhaani and asked Pankaj why god is always taking Suhani’s test. Pankaj says she is very strong and that’s why god always keep testing her.

Pratima asked Bhawna to net get worried as Suhanni will get soon. Pratima says Suhaani state is same. Pratima asked Bhavna where are you taking coins? She told her that Teej is over, so I thought to return this.

One of the coin falls and Yuvraaj picks it up. He told them that same coin belongs to that culprit, who hit Suhanni. Bhavna says Soumya must have done this. Yuvraaj says we can not blame anyone without any proof. Sambhav hears them.


In the upcoming episode, Yuvraaaj will inform everyone that he has taken the fingerprint of everyone without informing them and now, the real culprit will come out soon.