Suhasini & Manohor gets shocked! Dehleez 1st June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Suhasini & Manohor gets shocked! Dehleez 1st June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Dehleez it has been shown that Asad come to know that the third spot is his sister wedding. And one bomb explodes in the market place. The police are about to stop the leader of the terrorists but all goes in vain as terrorist is in no mood to hear anything.

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

Now Asad comes out of the car and sees the after effects of the explosion. Asad is so scared now and he is sad to see people injured. He tries to call his mom. Now Swadheenta has been invited on the stage and she is smiling.
Everyone claps for her and she says thanks to her Amma and Appa and also her newlywed husband Adarsh and she also announced that Adarsh is the person who bring smile on her face.

And she also announced that her brother Asad is someone who is very special person of her life and she gives her credit of the success to him. She also goes emotional for her brother Asad and said that he slapped her so many times for her mistake to make her perfect person n in her life.

Afterward, the speech, the family is shocked to know that a bomb explodes in the market place. Asad becomes on the other hand to see that people are dying. Now Ajay Sinha follows with the leader of Terrorists, Ajay fights but the Terrorists but the Terrorists run away.

Swadheenta continues his words and says his brother is the one who takes up all the challenges and always proved himself that he is the brilliant one. Now the Terrorist shoots Ajay badly and he becomes injured. Asad sees him and cries. Constables arrives, he also killed by the terrorists.

Now Asad follows him and fights with him. He hits Asad hardly and run away. Swadheenta says Asad is busy in some work and he is great that is why for him his works are more important than his sister’s wedding.

And she also says that Mamu always curse Asad but I know he will be surely doing something great in life. Asad fights with Terrorist but Terrorist run away. And the Police come there and the police misunderstand that Asad is the Terrorist and the police shoot Asad.

Ajay sees it and he decides to save his life as he is the only proof who is aware of it that Asad is a nice guy.

Now Asad is dying and he is busy recalling happy moments of his life. The police now investigate the wedding place and finds bombs in a purple box and he asked to the family, who brought this box.