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Suitable Suggestions For Women’s Dress, What to Wear in India Culture

Suitable Suggestions For Women’s Dress, What to Wear in India Culture :- It is always good to pay attention to the customs of the land that is being visited when travelling abroad.  In India, the culture and traditions are much different than in the US. While it’s acceptable to wear western clothes in  most places in India, Indian culture should be respected. The Indian culture is very modest in its nature and they generally would not correct a foreigner if they were not dressed appropriately. It is customary that knees, upper arms, shoulders, cleavage and midriff should be covered for women. Here are some other guidelines for dress while travelling in India.

What to Wear in India

Shorts and short skirts are not acceptable. Underwear and bras should always be worn but not seen by others. Cleavage should not be shown and tops should be tunic like or loose versus tight or revealing.  Leave any sheer blouses, shorts, spaghetti-strap dresses, bikinis, tank tops, etc. at home.

While sleeveless tops are becoming more common in some of India’s big cities during the hot season, in general they are not acceptable; however, short sleeves are your appropriate.

When wearing pants, tunic style tops are most appropriate. The tunic style top would be worn out without being tucked in.  If you bring a swimsuits, it should be a conservative one, no matter where you plan to wear it; a one-piece swimsuits are preferable. On the way to or from the beach or pool wear a cover up that is not sheer or revealing.

Bikinis are not appropriate although some do wear them.  In certain conservative locations and in many places of worship, you will also need to cover your head. The best rule of thumb to follow is to follow the behaviours of the local women.

If you choose to wear traditional Indian clothes most Indians will appreciate the gesture and see it positively. Most Indian clothes are light cotton and very comfortable.  

Wearing traditional Indian clothing also serves as a great ice-breaker; many will view it favourably and you will find your interactions with the locals become more intimate.  

Western style business suits which go below the knee and are not too tight are acceptable to wear while doing business in India. But, pant-suits should cover the buttock and crotch area.  

When travelling in India, it’s best to wear loose fitting clothes and be conservative.  Check out Groupon Coupons for promo codes and coupons to get discounts on products online and in-store