Sujata gets shocked! Swaragini 9th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Sujata gets shocked! Swaragini 9th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini begins with Ragini is asking to Swara that very soon we will be making Maa and Papa free from the clutches of Pareenita and Adarsh as now along with Sanskar, Lakshay also got the job. But Swara is too worried for Bade Papa and Badi Maa and she asked Ragini that we can’t wait till Sanskar’s loan will be pass and Lakshay will have salary.


Swaragini Episode Written Updates

We have to make Bade Papa and Badi Maa free at the earliest. Dadi on right time arrives in the Goradiya house and she manages to get the name of the company where Sanskar is working. She informs the same to Pareenita and Adarsh and Adarsh said that now Sanskar won’t get a loan.

Ragini and Swara think to meet with Badi Maa and Bde Papa so they think to enter the house via the window of the kitchen as they think that now Pareenita Bhabhi is the owner of the Maheshwari house so now she doesn’t come in the kitchen I guess.

From the Swara and Ragini broke down in tears to see that Pareenita compel Badi Maa to do the hard works, she also makes Badi Maa to beg in front of her for the sake of the Bade Papa’s medicine. Swara sends a chit to Badi Maa in which she asked her to meet with her.

Badi Maa sees the chit and went to meet with Swara and Ragini where everybody broke down in tears. Ragini also gives them the Mewe Ka Laddoo which she brought for them. Pareenita somehow hears the voice of utensils and she arrives in the kitchen where she asked Badi Maa what Durga Prasad is doing here.
Till then thankfully Swara and Ragini run away. Annapurna asked to Pareenita he just arrives here to take care of me and she also hides the Laddoos unless Pareenita can realise somebody arrives here to meet with us.

Sujata finds a box under the bedroom of Lakshay and thinks what is it. All the ladies’ of the family arrives there and Swara thinks to see the parcel by opening the same. on the other hand, Lakshay is going somewhere to hand over the parcel to someone.