Sultan in Trouble Man Files A Case Against Movie, Alleges That The Film Is Entirely Based On His Life!

Sultan in Trouble Man Files A Case Against Movie, Alleges That The Film Is Entirely Based On His Life! :- Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starer “Sultan” which was released on July 6, has been a blockbuster hit at the box office and has already broken few records.


This movie has been the biggest superhit movie of Salman Khan in terms of the first three days of opening as Sultan has earned 103.53 crores in the first three days, and now it has earned 142. 62 cr in the first fourth.

Now, it has become the first film to earn 350 cr in just 5 days worldwide. Well, Sultan is looking all set to break few more records and it would not be a surprise if this movie will reach the 300 crore club in India.

Meanwhile, when Sultan is busy in breaking the several records , a man from the Bihar has filed a case against the Sultan movie, Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Yash Raj Films and against the director Ali Abbas.

As per reports, the name of the man is Sabeer Ansari and he filled a case against the Sultan on July 8, at the CJM Court in the Muzaffarpur in the Bihar.

According to Sabeer Ansari , the story of Sultan is the real story of his life. He also mentioned that Salman Khan and his team had contacted him for the movie but Saber refuses and denied them to make any movie on his life’s story.

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Later, the production house of Sultan had informed him that the Sultan has been Shelved. But when the movie was released on July 6, he was completely shocked and then decided to case a file against the whole Sultan team.

Sabeer also included that Salman had offered him Rs 20 crore and he had not paid him the offered amount even though the movie has been released.

Meanwhile, the production team of Sultan has completely denied this incident but the next hearing is on July 12.

Well, only time has the answer to this issue, meanwhile, fans of Salman are really liking Sultan and it is getting a solid response from its audience.