Watch Super Dancer Episode 29th October 2016 Hd Video Baba Ramdev Teaches Dancing Steps

Watch Super Dancer Episode 29th October 2016 Hd Video Baba Ramdev Teaches Dancing Steps :- When the Yog Guru Baba Ramdev actually present his Yoga dance on the Shilpa Shetty’s dancing reality show Super Dancer it is actually he set the stage on fire. Baba Ramdev shakes leg on the stage of the reality show which gives merry to the kids anyway.


Baba Ramdev had arrived to shoot for a special episode of the reality show Super Dancer season one after the little bundles of talent entertain him with their extraordinary moves, it was time for the groovy god man to have a massive recreation.

Being a super Baba is all about him to present some super moves; Swami Ramdev proved once again on a reality dance show that he is better than the best.

He had arrived on the sets to watch junior contestants go but ended up flaunting his yoga antics and he also elaborates the fact to the kids that it is how important for the new generations to follow Yogas and Yogas habit as these can make a child or any one just perfect.

As Swamiji showed off his Yoga poses with his cool style, the judges, of course, could not stay put in their chair. Shilpa Shetty, co-incidentally, a self-confessed devotee of Baba along with filmmaker Anurag Basu and choreographer Geeta Kapoor took a break from judging duties and they try to adopt Baba’s Yoga style to perform the same on the stage.

Of course, during the show Baba Ramdev pitched in with his gems on dancing, too. He encouraged each of the young talents to perform better in the coming days too. It was fun to see Baba on the stage, though he displays his Yoga style which was just perfect for watching.

Meanwhile, Gushing about her devotion for Baba Ramdev for most parts of the show was not enough for Shilpa and Shilpa is also known for her Yoga style anyway. Ram Dev discuss the Yoga style Aang Pranaam, as co-judge Geeta looks awestruck to know about the same.

Anyway, the Sony TV dancing show Super Dancer launched last month to have the positive response from the fans and 13 cute kids participated on the show to display their dancing skills.