Top 12 Finalists! Super Dancer Episode 24th September 2016 Performances Hd Video

Top 12 Finalists! Super Dancer Episode 24th September 2016 Performances Hd Video :- It looks like weekend programming is really doing well in the entertainment channel and the dancing TV reality show “Super Dancer” is really doing superb in the Sony Entertainment Television, though the show has been just launched.


Hence it is crystal clear that the dancing show “Super Dancer” just has a great started since it launched on September 8 and got off to a great dancer. It ranked after “The Kapil Sharma Show” on the non-fiction shows TRP charts ratings.

Top 12 Finalists Names! Super Dancer Episode 25th September 2016

“Super Dancer” features Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur as the panel judges. The first episode depicts fabulous dance performances from the kids. The dancing stunts of the kids are the actual highlight of the show.
The channel is in the top seven channels in the urban list. Sony’s target audience is in urban sectors and it is now going steady. Due to “Super Dancer” is a family TV show it is connecting with the mass audiences to have a fan base.

“Super Dancer” is a unique TV dancing reality show which is only for the kids to showcases their dancing talents and among these dancers it is a single dancing sensation will be chosen by the panel judge members.

So the social media is saying about the dancing show that the Super Kids from “Super Dancer” will be giving Toofani (Awesome) performances to get an entry on Top 12 and the ultimate decision will be taking by the panel judges’ team of the dancing show “Super Dancer”.

“Super Dancer” the popular dancing TV reality show actually again made it in the top five shows much to the delight of the makers like the show did in the last week. It got off to a moderate start but eventually the show did something great to have a massive TRPs rating.

Anyway, don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the dancing TV show “Super Dancer” to know the aspiring dancers’ name who will be Top 12 dancers as among these Top 12 dancers India will be having a dancing sensation.