Super Moon Tonight: See biggest & closest showcase of Moon on 14th November 2016

Super Moon Tonight: See biggest & closest showcase of Moon on 14th November 2016 :- Super Moon will be out today on 14th November, 2016. NASA had announced that this super moon will be the closest to Earth making it the biggest moon. The next Super Moon will be appeared on 25th November, 2034. If you might want to go somewhere dark to watch the super moon in its full glory, then it is the golden opportunity for you.


Sightseeing is one of the most trending ways to have some quality moment with the love one, today is the awesome one. Every one can see a super moon in the sky tonight. We will notice the biggest and closest moon.

Today, the moon will come closer to earth and will be look like a super moon. The moon will look 14% bigger and around 30% brighter.

The elliptical circuit of moon around the earth means it is sometimes closer than other times and tonight is the closest it has been in 68 years.

According to NASA – the average distance of moon from Earth is approx 385,000 km. But, tonight the moon will be at its perigee – the closest point in its orbit to the Earth – around 30,000 km closer than that average.

Supermoon 2014

3 super moons are scheduled to occur this year, with one in September and another expected for 14th December 2016.

Tonight’s super moon will be the closest since 1948 and the moon is not expected to approach Earth as closely until 2034.

Moon is a natural satellite of earth which is around 4.53 billion years old. Today we all will see the epic moment of the 21st century which will surely make you all amazed. After attaining a bigger size and brighter look, this is for the first time in 21st Century that the moon will look like the new moon or super moon.