Sushant Singh Rajput injured himself and is suggested a one month Rest

Sushant Singh Rajput injured himself and is suggested a one month Rest : While shooting for the last schedule of his upcoming film Rabata, Actor Sushant Singh Rajput got an injury as the result the actor ended up tearing his ligament. Five days ago, As the actor was performing a stunt while the shot, The 30-year-old actor tore a ligament in his right knee.


He stated that the wet ground where he was supposed to perform the daring stunts got him the injury. A source close to the development revealed that Sushant was quoted about the injury upon which he said

“We practiced a lot and I could do the stunt properly every time, but unfortunately on the day of the shoot it was pouring and the ground was slippery. That caused the injury. I am glad that we could still finish the scene as planned,”

AS due to Sushant’s injury, the doctor advised him to take complete rest and not to perform any of the stunts and even refrained from running or any workout for a month. Directed by Dinesh Vijan the flick also features Kriti Sanon as the female lead.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who had intentions to settle down this year with his girlfriend Ankita Lokhande before splitting up, earlier said that he will settle down as soon as he will found the girl of his dreams. When quoted about his wedding programs, Sushant said:

“First let me find a girl then, I will get married after that.”

Nowadays, the MS Dhoni biopic star is in a relationship with Rabata co-star Kriti Sanon. However, Kriti has turned down the speculations. When quoted Sushant about Kriti’s statement, he said:

“She always speaks the truth and whatever she has said is right.”

Well, whether they are together as friends or as a couple we wish them a blissful time ahead.