Sushma Swaraj surprise her husband in parliament after many years

Sushma Swaraj surprise her husband in parliament after many years : External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj looks to have become the most loved minister of the BJP government. On Thursday, Sushma  surprised her followers on Twitter when she shared a cheerful picture of her and her husband Swaraj Kaushal on the social media platform.





After many years, Union Minister Susham Swaraj bumped into her husband in Parliament complex. Later she shared the adorable picture, in which the couple is seen holding hands, on social media site Twitter.

She tweeted with the photo that Together after many years – a chance meeting with @governorswaraj at the Parliament House gate today, in which Congress leader Digvijaya Singh can be seen standing behind Kaushal, smiling at the couple.

Response to her tweet started pouring in soon after, with one of them apologetically asking the minister if the couple was not together anymore.

Sushma replied “घर में साथ हैं. संसद में नहीं हैं. (We are together at home, not in the Parliament.)”

She said in couple of tweets that He was a member of Rajya Sabha from 1998-2004. I was in Lok Sabha. Then I came to Rajya Sabha in 2000. We were in Rajya Sabha together from 2000 -2004.

Kaushal is not a Parliament member. He is a senior advocate and criminal lawyer in the Supreme Court.