Suspected ISIS Terrorist, Most Wanted, Arrested in Delhi, 2 More Nabbed in Raids

The Delhi Police Special Cell arrested a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist and 2 other terror suspects on Monday. An NIA-designated ISIS terrorist, Mohammad Shahnawaz alias Shafi Ujjama, has been placed on the NIA’s most-wanted list. The arrests were made based on a tip-off that revealed the presence of an ISIS module in the national capital. The module was allegedly planning to launch terror attacks in northern India, including the national capital, on the instructions of foreign-based handlers. Keep reading to not to miss any detail.

Suspected ISIS Terrorist

Delhi Police’s special cell has arrested an engineer by the name of Shahnawaz alias Shafi Ujjama from his hideout in Delhi. The special cell of the Delhi Police is one of the agencies working in tandem with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to crack down on terror networks across the country. The special cell has arrested several persons suspected of being part of the sleeper cell of the terror outfit. Shafi Ujjama has been wanted in the case in which an ISIS module was found in Pune. Sources said that Shafi used to live in Delhi but had shifted to Pune in recent times. Two of his accomplices were arrested in July in Pune. Shafi managed to escape and moved back to Delhi, where he has been hiding ever since. Swipe to know more about this case.

Suspected ISIS Terrorist, Most Wanted, Arrested in Delhi

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently declared a Rs. 3 lakh reward for information leading to the apprehension of three individuals suspected of being involved in the terrorist activities of the Islamic State (ISIS). The three individuals in question were reportedly radicalized into joining the IS mission through the Telegram application. It is reported that they were associated with an ISIS module located in Pune, Maharashtra, to instigate violence and terrorism in the nation, according to NIA sources. It is further reported that Abdulla had a diaper shop in Pune which was used to construct explosive devices. It is speculated that Abdulla may have attempted to flee to Oman.

Rizwan Ali, originally from Delhi, was arrested in 2018 with his younger brother for alleged links to ISIS, but security agencies couldn’t find any proof. He was later released after going through a deradicalization program. Two years ago, Rizwan moved to Pune and told his family he was starting a computer company. He got married and moved back to Pune with his wife. But then Rizwan’s dad started getting sick, so the couple moved back to Delhi. A couple of months later, Rizwan left his home. Stick with our site to get the latest news updates.

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