What Was Svenne Hedlund Cause Of Death? Swedish Pop Singer Died Aged 77

What Was Svenne Hedlund Cause Of Death? Swedish Pop Singer Died Aged 77:- In recent news, Svenne Hedlund passed away. He had a long career with the pop band Hep Stars. Following the announcement of the news, tributes and RIP messages have flooded the internet. People and his well-wishers are coming forward and expressing their sadness about his sudden demise. It is coming forward that he died at the age of 77. Ulf Stjernbo, his friend and colleague, confirmed his passing. Without any further ado, let us check what happened to him and how did he die. Check his cause of death and other details surfacing his death.

What Was Svenne Hedlund Cause Of Death Swedish Pop Singer Died

Let us tell you that Aftonbladet was the first to report on Sven “Svenne” Hedlund’s passing. He went on to speak to his friend Ulf who further shared his death on social media. Although not many details about the death of the pop singer have come forward yet, it is said that Ulf peacefully died on Saturday morning, December 03, 2022. It is reported that Ulf got covid when they got home from the last tour and then he was hospitalized for a while. Even though, he received treatment for the disease but could not recover.

What Was Svenne Hedlund Cause Of Death?

According to reports, Svenne Hedlund was born on March 1, 1945. He belonged to the musical ensemble Idolerna. He performed vocals with the Swedish groups Clifftones and Hep Stars in the 1960s. The following year, after singer Charlotte Walker (born in 1944) joined the group in 1968, they formed the duo Svenne and Lotta, also known as “Sven and Charlotte” in some countries. From 1969 until their divorce in 2014, the couple was married.

One of the most popular Swedish pop artists of the 1960s was Sven “Svenne” Hedlund, who was also a member of the band Hep Stars, which included Benny Andersson of ABBA for a while. Cadillac was the band’s biggest hit. Abbas When Sven Hedlund’s passing was announced on TV4’s “News morning,” Björn Ulvaeus actively took part in the segment. It is quite heavy because I was close to him. But I had none.

As mentioned, we do not have many details about his cause of death but it is reported that Svenne has been unwell for quite some time after getting infected with covid during his tour this fall. Everyone is saddened to learn about his demise and is taking to social medial platforms to pay him heartfelt tributes. Keep following Social Telecast for more such updates and the latest news.

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