Swadheenta Solved Case Mystery! Dehleez 14th June 2016 Written Episode Updates

Swadheenta Solved Case Mystery! Dehleez 14th June 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Dahleez begins with Arvind watches News that against Swadheenta and Suhasini will be fighting against her. Arvind is thinking how Swadheentha is going to face Suhasini in the court as both of them worthy advocate.

dehleez episode written updates

dehleez episode written updates

But Arvind want the criminal to get punished and he is happy that Suhasini will fight the case as Suhasini never lost a single case. Suhasini also determined to punish Haider and to give justice to Abhay.

In the mean time, bith Arvind Gupta and Suhasini Gupta claimed that Haider is master planner. Swadheenta objects and says she has proved that Ravi Ranjan and Rajesh lived together. Suhasini says no one saw and Arvind at bomb spot and Arvind find a picture found by police. Swadheentha believes the lieutenant Yash Bundela will be definitely bringing the testimony.

Dehleez 14th June 2016 Written Episode Updates

Now Arvind Gupta asked the police to raid the flat in which they found plan of Bomb explosion and pictures of Asad and 2 other boys shared this information on the social site.

He told this to him because he was trying to catch the terrorist. They came to know that wedding bomb is organised and Haider plan to fixed bomb there.

The story is the boys said that being a suicide bomber, Asad has shot Abhay in order to kill him.
Suhasini says Arvind is frightened that is why he is running away from the police and Suhasini asks Swadheenta can she prove Arvind wrong. Judge asks Swadheentha to give proofs.

The crowd want Haider to get punishment. Swadheenta says according to Suhasini she has wasted time but she has a reason. She shows call records and tells two terrorist exploded themselves and police caught Asad as third terrorist and soon she will prove that Arvind was also there.

Swadheentha says that Asad wanted to tell something to her and I know that Asad will not say anything like that, I must says being he was aware of something and she also said that she is being sceptical of Arvind Gupta. But Suhasini believes that Arvind Gupta has no connection with the case.

Swadheentha also said that now Arvind Gupta is run away from us but still I will be proved him as the master mind and the police need to catch him as he is the real master mind and I will proved that.