Swadheenta take the case! Dahleez 15th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Dahleez” starts with Adarsh is talking about his soul mate that her soul mate will be different from the general one. She would be very special at the same time very beautiful too and when I will catches the glimpses of her I will fall in love with her. And she will be definitely coming to meet me.

Swadheenta take the case! Dahleez 15th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swadheeta has been seen dancing with her friends she was there in the practices of the dance and she is speaking with her friends how dancing is important for her. And now when Swadheeta’s was busy practicing dance her friends asked her that who is her dream man, Swadheeta speaks about this that her dream is to marry a IPS Officer and he is the her dream man.

Now Adarsh parents come to meet with the Iyers, now Adarsh parents and sister Aradhya compliments Swadheeta. Now Swadheeta and Adarsh dances in the Mast Kalandar and all that songs…….

Suddenly Suhasini realised that her daughter-in-law is also dancing with her, which is indeed Bindaas dance. Suhasini feels disappointing seeing that her Bahu is dancing like that. Now Sinha family seen that the Suhasini is dancing and she realised that it is something very disrespectful.

Now another couple discuss about the Abhay and the Simmi, and Swadheenta wants that Adarsh and Abhay should not be meeting with each other.

Suddenly Suhasini who is there to do good works hear that some goons are there to snatch the property so they decided to save the poor from the goons as they do not need to snatch their property from them. Now Suhasini asked Swadheenta to fight the case as it is now her responsibility to save the poor from the goons.

It is also chances for the Swadheenta to showcased her talents of the being an advocate. To know what happen next, how Swadheenta is will be dealing with the situation and whether she would be receiving help from the Adarsh or not.

Don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the TV series “Dahleez” at 10:00 PM only on the Colors TV!!!

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