Swadheenta win the case! Dehleez 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swadheenta win the case! Dehleez 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Jaya encourages Jay to face Suhasini. Jay talks to Manohar and apologizes him. Manohar apologizes back to make him a partner in crime. He praises him to encourage him and be grateful to him for making him enough good to face the truth. Jay feels relieved and smiles. Suhasini hears the news about a school hostage by Arvind. She got a call from Swadheenta and she tells her about the news.

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

Dehleez Episode Written Updates

She urges her to let her talk to Simi and tells her that Iftikhar is criminal and her brother is innocent. Abhay and Assad were together last night and Assad suggests the baby’s name. Suhasini meets Yash and asks him about the truth.

She assaults him for concealing wrong facts and misrepresenting her in the case. She tells him about the piece of news. She asks him not to let the country down and stand for the truth.

Jay calls Adarsh and tells him about Manohar’s meeting with the minister. He decides to talk with Manohar. Radhika meets Yash and asks him to reveal the truth in the consideration of marrying him. She requests him to prove him innocent.

He contacts Iftikhar’s friends to make a deal. Adarsh praises Manohar to stand for the truth. Yash reaches to the spot and tells that he will rescue Iftikhar as he cannot risk the lives of all.

Yash calls Iftikhar and tells him about the deal with his senior. Iftikhar agrees with him and asks about his plan. Swadheenta listens to him and scolds him for doing so. She tries to stop him but he ignores her.

Iftikhar plants a bomb in the school. Yash enters the school and Iftikhar come out with three of all. Yash tells about his strategy. Yash takes the rifle from him but Iftikhar warns him to stay away but He shows him his bomb jacket.

He hugs him tight and signs Adarsh to free all. Swadheenta got a message from Yash telling her about a video. Yash salutes the flag and explodes the bomb. Later the police force rescue all and  a bomb squad defuses the bomb.

Swadheenta proves Assad and Haider innocent in the court by showing the video of martyr Yash confessing the truth.


The judge questions about the proves collected during the raid at Haider’s house. Swadheenta requests someone to accept the truth. Suhasini welcomes Swadheenta as her daughter-in-law.