Swami Prasad Maurya Resigns Today From BSP Party

Swami Prasad Maurya Resigns Today From BSP Party :-  The Political circle of Uttar Pradesh is currently rolling and it is underway for its major turn around. The political system of UP was demanded a change and the latest news is coming that the senior BSP leader Swami Prasad Maurya has resigned from his post on Wednesday.


Swami Prasad Maurya was the National General Secretary of BSP party has resigned from his post in BSP party. The resignation of Swami is a major setback for his party Poll preparations as he was the main face of major backward castes faces.

Swami Prasad Maurya Resigns Today

In 2014, Swami Prasad Maurya has accused Mayawati of selling the party tickets of Lok Sabha Election.

Even though, he also accused her of selling the tickets of the party for the upcoming election. After resigning from his post , he mentioned that he is not decided his future yet but guaranteed one thing that he will always be associated with politics.

Maurya further alleged that BSP was expelling committed party workers to strengthen BJP party and revealed that he has the supports of different MLA’s.

Swami Prasad also mentioned that Mayawati was misusing name of Bhimrao Ambedkar and party founder Kanshiram. His rivalry with Mayawati is not hidden from the world and both were seen targeting each other.

After, resigning he mentioned that he was feeling suffocated as Mayawati was forcing him to not to participate in any of the Party metings.

Meanwhile, Mayawati mentioned that she is really happy after hearing the new of resignation of Swami Prasad Maurya and if he would not have resigned then we would have him resigned.

Well the Politic of UP looked heated and time will tell us in which direction it will move.

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