Swara asks laksh! Swaragini 7th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Swara asks laksh! Swaragini 7th June 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Swaragini in the next episode where the Swara ask for the Laksh if he did over all the argument with that then finally tell me another continue with that. than Laksh says to the Swara my brother Sanskar have done with it and no argument left for the fight .swaragini-01-1454317718

After that argument Swara says to Sanskar , I can not stay in that room were tried to kill me how any times and I have never lived in it and then, Sanskar getting some naughty activities for her wife Swara to release her temper and getting close me . So Sanskar takes a rockstar type avatar and try to some naughty activities and wants to closer with the Swara.

Sanskar always tried to get happy for the Swara but incident creates every time to break some happy moments. Sanskar getting a rockstar role for Swara that he wants to keep smiling and happy . on the other side, Maya said that the old Sahil is back when Swara seeing. Sahil memories old memory with the Swara when he made a coffee for her and spend time.
Maya asks Sahil , Do you remember when you made a cup of coffee for Swara and Sahil gives answer that before two years to go I will make coffee for Swara and Maya will happy for Sahil because the old Sahil is back But there the Sanskar new avatar getting rocked with the Swara and Swara will closer to the Sanskar.

Sanskar wants’s keep close with Swara and Sahil was involved with the old Swara memories and Maya remembering that moves for Sahil.