Swara is Kidnapped! Swaragini 12th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Swara is Kidnapped! Swaragini 12th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :-  Swaragini” is the daily soap which is ruling the TRP chart for the color channels. This show is telecasted at 9:30 Pm, on Colors channel  from Monday to Friday.


The last episode starts with Parineeta calling at the Maheshwari house to threaten Ragini about her pregnancy, but Adarsh picked that call and asked Parineeta to not call again on this number.

When Ragini asked about the call, Adarsh replied that nothing left to heard from Parineeta.Then, Anapurna asked him, whether he want to give Parineeta an another chance  , he replied “NO”.

Later, Ragini asked that Where is Swara?. Durga Prasad answered that Swara went to take a phone. Meanwhile, Sanskara was really angry with Swara as she was not taking him with her. Swara asked Sanskar to rest as he is still recovering from his injury.

Also, Swara asked Sansar that on whose name, the name of the foundation has been established. He says the foundation name is in your name.

Swara also asked Sanskar to handle the press conference and Sanskar asked her to watch the video when she will reach there and then both each other.

Meanwhile, Ragini came to Swara’s room and told her that she want to talk something with her but Sujata was there and asked Swara that what she want to talk to Ragini.

Meanwhile, Anapurna joined them and asked Swara to carry homemade food with her. Later, Uttara brings all the food for the Swara and then Swara take the blessing of everyone present there and asked Ragini that what she want to discuss with her but Anapurna interrupted them and asked the Ragini to let go the Swara.

Just, when Swara was leaving the house, Sujata stop her from taking the Rasgulla with her and Anapurna scold Swara. for calling Swara when she was about to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Swara was thinking that Ragini wanted to talk something to her and then she called her but Ragini’s phone was switched off.

Later, Ragini talks to Lakshay on the phone that she was not able to tell Swara about Parineeta and now she is really worried this issue but Lakshay assured her that he will handle everything and they will soon reveal the truth to the whole family.

Suddenly, Parineeta entered the  Maheshwari house and she was shouting Ragini..Ragini Then, Ragini went to face her and asked the Parineeta to leave the house. But Parineeta reminded her about the deal they had made that Ragini will help her to come back in the house of Maheswari and she will continue to hide her secret.  Soon, Lakshay returns home and warned Parineeta to not blackmail Ragini .

Then, Parineeta told Lakshay that” oh so you are also in this plan with your wife”. She told both Ragini and Lakshay that she will tell everyone about the fake pregnancy of Ragini.

On the other side, Annapurna along with Sujata and Uttara was just about to enter the house but Swara hears their voice and asks the Parineeta to leave the house. But Parineeta was refusing and she told Ragini that she will not hide and she will tell everyone her secret.

Then, Ragini told the Parineeta that no one will trust her and they will throw her out of the Maheshwari house. Finally, Parineeta hides somewhere and soon Annapurna, Sujata nd Uttara entered the house and they all ask Swara that why she is sweating.

But Lakshay handles the whole situation nd asked the Sujata and Annapurna to cook some food for him and he also sends the Uttara to her room nd then Ragini asks the Parineeta to leave the house.

On the other side, Parineeta reached the Sumi house and told her that my blackmailing is not working on Ragini but she will reveal the news about her fake pregnancy to the world.

Sumi gets shocked knowing that how Parineeta is behaving, meanwhile Parineeta told her that her blackmailing is not working on her daughter, so she decided to blackmail Sumi.

Soon, Dadi reaches there and asks Parineeta that why she was not present at the Puja at the AMeshwari house.

Then, Sumi told the Dadi that Parineeta had a little bit of argument with the Adarsh that’s why she is here to leave with them.

Parineeta then asked the Sumi to not pick up the heavyweight during these days and Dadi shocked on these verdicts of Parineeta.


On the next episode, of Swaragini, Swara will drink the water and will faint.

MEanhwile,  Lakshay, Sanskar and Ragini will reach the Foundation and will shock to know that they have not organised any concert and thus they have not sent anyone to anywhere even they don’t know who has sent Swara.

Also, Parineeta will be seen troubling the Sumi and will be seen blackmailing her for her pregnancy.