Swara Protects Maheshwari House Swaragini 29th December 2015 Episode

Swara Protects Maheshwari House Swaragini 29th December 2015 Episode : The Episode starts with Swara looking at that woman’s photo and thinks who is this woman. Swara thinks there must be any secret about that and Swara wants to know the secret as the secret is ruling the Durga Prasad’s life. Swara wants to know the secret for stopping Ragini from doing these all. There must be any secret and I need to know the secret. She calls Annapurna. Annapurna picks the call and says Swara. They talk with all the stuffs.

Swara Protects Maheshwari House Swaragini 29th December 2015 Episode

Swaragini 29th December 2015 Episode

Annapurna also speaks to Swara about there is some secret in Durga Prasad’s life. Ragini will keep torturing us till she is aware from the fact. Sanskar also meanwhile ask to Durga Prasad that why he is bearing all the tortures of Ragini.

Durga Prasad is unable to give reply any of his questions asked by Sanskar. Meanwhile, Swara asked Annapurna to search any paper or bill from Ragini’s room. Swara asked Annapurna to take sign from Durga Prasad in that paper. Annapurna says to Ragini she will do this. You don’t need to worry Swara. Anyway, as per her plan Annapurna went in the Ragini’s room where she feel sad to see that Lakshay is sleeping in Sofa after being drink.

Ragini also get sleep in her bed eventually and switch off the light. Afterward, Annapurna search and she got a paper. But when Annapurna was about to leave Ragini catch her and Ragini insult Annapurna.

Annapurna managed to hide the paper and give it to Swara. But in next day Annapura became very weak and she gets faint after falling down. So Sujata asked Ragini that Annapurna will not work about which Ragini said that she will be giving punishment to Annapurna.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Ragini is about to paint Annapurna’s face black, but suddenly Swara arrive and pushes Ragini which resulted in making Ragini’s face black. Swara tells you have thrown me, but not my love. She says they are her family and wherever they need her, she will be there with the Maheshwari family.